Topic : A big thank you to Salcombe YC

Got back in the early hours today after an awesome week sailing.  5 windy races, yesterday afternoon's just outrageously wild, glorious sunshine for the beach rounders, the usual flawless standard of hospitality and race management from SYC.  We went all the way up to Kingsbridge twice, finished every race in a 16-year old boat despite the conditions, went swimming 4 times (3 in the last race!) and have ended up with a total damage count of 1 broken spinny pole and a bit of blue paint on the gunwhale from the fuel barge.

Many thanks to John, Brian and the team, and to the rescue team for politely standing by while we sorted the mess out and got going again.

Andrew and Ellie

Posted: 18/07/2009 11:35:45
By: Andrew M
I would like to second these comments, Fridays race was truly outrageous I had never sailed in wind like that and got a huge sense of achievement flying the kite on the second leg down from Gerston, gutted that I pulled the downhaul out of the rudder with just crossways and X to go. We  will be back next year a little wiser to try and improve on this years position.

Posted: 18/07/2009 16:39:30
By: Smokin


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