Topic : twin pole system

Hello all, I have an aged merlin 3310, that neds a twin pole system.Where would I find one , has anyone got a second hand one for me to play with?



Posted: 15/07/2009 09:19:20
By: rod
Where abouts are you Rod? If there is a local merlin club to you-nip down and have a look at their systems. Whats the design of your boat, Im expecting NSM or Smokers?

Posted: 15/07/2009 10:48:23
By: jon
I sail at shustoke where we have 3 or 4 merlins.The boat is a NSM 4 composite, bought off Ebay but when it arrived was in quite a bad state of repair.Not good.However am working at improving the thing , but it has a very antiquated single pole system .I just dont even know where to start to buy the poles, can prob sort the rest.Its the usual last minute thing too, dont really have time to be travelling round looking ,just want the system to appear!Hey ho..

Posted: 15/07/2009 13:46:23
By: rod
Use the search facility (near top left of main forum page) to find several conversations on this topic. There are many photos in the gallery linked to in the discussions you'll find, and much sage advise on whether to buy marine-quality aluminium poles, or not!

Here is one of the most useful threads:

Posted: 15/07/2009 14:39:11
By: Mags
Thankyou Mags!On it now..

Posted: 15/07/2009 14:56:45
By: rod
Try these photos

Posted: 15/07/2009 15:21:44
By: Richard S
Also, keep an eye on the 'for sale' list - I put some poles up for sale last week and received payment for them today. I'm sure someone will have some hanging around though. 
Having done a similar upgrade recently, the poles are the simple bit - the complicated part is finding clear runs for the string and blocks! but the end result is worth it

Good luck!

Posted: 15/07/2009 18:16:04
By: KM 2825
thanks guys

Posted: 15/07/2009 21:16:19
By: Rod Adlington
New alloy poles will only cost about £50 for bits if you cut to length and fit out yourself. You don't particularly need anodised tube, but you want 38mm o/d i can't remember what the i/d is and you need to watch that if you're not buying from a chandler.

Posted: 16/07/2009 07:14:34
By: Chris M


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