Topic : Salcombe arrival pleas

A plea from the Harbour Staff.

When you arrive at Batson Boat Park please don't just abandon your boat in the first available empty space! A number of spaces have already been book so don't upset people before you get on the water............

There are still spaces left for those who want hard standing and don't want Fran's sandy rounders balls landing in a freshly washed out boat (Sorry Fran!!!!)

And please don't just leave your boat unattended while you go and unpack the car at the house etc. The Boat Park gets very busy on a Saturday and space is at a premium. A quick chat to Mike, he will point you in the right direction and everyone should be happy!!

See you on Saturday evening.

Posted: 09/07/2009 17:18:07
By: John Murrell
I'll be arriving at about 1 morning unfortunately John. Any advice for rough area to park her over night?

Thanks, Ross

Posted: 09/07/2009 17:40:03
By: Ross
2 options really, either in the Park & Ride at the top of town. Right at the bottom out of sight of the road, I think that there will be Merlin trailers there already or alternatively at the very far end of the boat park but if you do that you will need to make your peice with Mike very early in the morning - I think he is on duty at 08.30!

Personally I would use the P&R alternative given the time you are arriving.

Posted: 09/07/2009 18:38:25
By: John Murrell


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