Topic : Anyone in vicinity of London to repair MR?

I had an accident last week where a rowing 8 went through the transom of my NSM4.  Would anyone know of someone good to collect the boat from Putney (London), repair it and bring it back?  Will email photographs.  Best, Martin

Posted: 06/07/2009 11:28:28
By: Martin
Google 'Brett Dingwall'. He does very good work and is on the M25/M1...not sure about collection and delivery though.

Posted: 06/07/2009 12:28:00
Much appreciated, will give him a ring.

Posted: 06/07/2009 12:31:28
By: Martin
Try Roger Gates at Datchet 01753 544906, excellent work, and very good value.

Posted: 06/07/2009 12:38:35
By: David Gates
Try Dirty Hands on : 07973 720732

Posted: 06/07/2009 15:17:26
By: Andy Dalby
It's a bit far out for us but we could meet halfway?

Posted: 06/07/2009 15:38:28
By: Dirtyhands assistant.
Roger Gates would be willing to collect and delivery from Putney.

Posted: 06/07/2009 19:36:05
By: David Gates
Martin...I am picking up a boat from DH in the next few days or so...I could take yours up to Brum..07879 010 789 (from Thursday), I am in SW London

Posted: 06/07/2009 23:33:12
By: Mike
Martin I could do this for you, I am based in Datchet, call or email if you require to discuss further
07919 156918,
[email protected]

Posted: 07/07/2009 08:43:34
By: RGDinghies
Just to thank everyone for information and to say that RG Dinghies did a great job and repaired the boat very quickly and exceeded my expectations.

Posted: 21/07/2009 10:48:34
By: Martin


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