Topic : Whitstable Championships - Entries wanted

There are only 10 days to go for the reduced entry fee of 130 - after 1 July it is 170.  So far we only have 12 entries.  We know from the accommodation lists that lots of you are coming - please do get your entries in asp.

As all competitors will be given free "limited edition" shirts please remember to fill in the T shirt size details on the entry forms -

Posted: 21/06/2009 19:15:33
By: JC
Is there even any accommodation left?!!

Posted: 21/06/2009 22:05:16
By: Mags
See "Places to stay in Whitstable" below -

Posted: 21/06/2009 22:43:03
By: JC
Is  the special Web site permenantly down or just being rebuilt?

Posted: 22/06/2009 23:04:49
By: ....
I thought 'currently undergoing maintenance and will be back online shortly' was pretty self-explanatory, apologies for any confusion

I had to take it offline last week, then went away on hols... I am now back and the site will be too


Posted: 23/06/2009 09:05:09
By: sophie
Hi Sophie

Not wanting to rock the boat but just wondering if now being in 2009 we can send funds through via online banking?


Posted: 23/06/2009 10:11:03
By: Ross
I can give you my bank details - but bringing a chequebook to the whitstable open is probably a better way of guaranteeing your money gets to the right place!

Posted: 23/06/2009 10:17:53
By: sophie
Ross - you could pay the number in direct and email me the form 
The bank details are on the website. However I would prefer you did not choose this route!

My fear is that some people will send me the form and forget to send the money and others may send the money and forget to send the form. I do not see the bank statements so it means I have to get Colin to check that the money has arrived and he needs to know I have an entry form that matches each credit on the bank statement.

Posted: 23/06/2009 10:38:36
By: Richard Davis
OK understand the complications. I'll bring a good old fashioned cheque along this weekend. Cheers

Posted: 23/06/2009 11:23:06
By: Ross
Entries are now up to 14...

Don't forget to bring your cheque books if you are coming to sunny Whistable this weekend and save, not only the 40 but the cost of stamp. (If you can't make the open meeting get those entries in the post).

The champs website is back up and running;

Posted: 24/06/2009 09:48:11
By: sophie
Sent my entry first class last week, but I don't appear on the list?

Posted: 24/06/2009 11:37:56
By: Andy
sent on Monday :o)

Posted: 24/06/2009 16:44:22
By: Mrs T
Entries received as at 24 June not yet posted on website are 

3620 Andy Bines and Derick Gently
3650 Lawrence Tosh
3698 Bob O'Toole and Suzie Bell
3583 Nolan Forwood and Will Lowes
3666 Dan Parsons and Hamish Kilburn

Please keep them coming in


Posted: 24/06/2009 17:59:59
By: Richard Davis
Entry & cheque posted this morning hopefully (as I asked the mother in law to do it, ho hum). Accommodation booked & cheque for that out next week, babysitting sorted, so raring to go.

Any other oldies coming to play?

Posted: 29/06/2009 13:05:03
By: Andy Hay - Enchantment 3386
Thanks to everyone that has entered, it's looking like there are about 50 so far and I'll update the site with them all as soon as...

Entries should be in the post tomorrow to get the discounted rate, so get those forms filled in, cheques written and in the post.

Posted: 29/06/2009 18:45:51
By: sophie
you would have thought I'd get the website adress right by now!d

Posted: 29/06/2009 18:47:05
By: sophie
I have now (as at 29 June) processed 36 entries - this excludes those left at Whitstable at the ST event or in post ! The next update will be next week as I am away from home for most of this week!

Posted: 30/06/2009 10:55:29
By: Richard Davis
Fifty four entries so far...

Posted: 06/07/2009 11:50:34
By: sophie


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