Topic : Wanted - Outboard to suit Mirror

Trying to get one in time for Salcombe

Posted: 19/06/2009 12:07:52
By: Tosh
I bought and old seagull for use on a tender - 54yr old engine £40 on ebay. Started first time and not let me down over the last 12 months. Courier charge is about £25. they're worth a look.

Posted: 19/06/2009 16:23:44
By: Miles
This isn't a rouse to use a seagull as a winged rudder is it?

Posted: 19/06/2009 17:05:49
By: Mr Mischief
Ancient Suzuki 2  (£30 6 years ago) pushes ours along fine if you can find one. Good luck

Posted: 19/06/2009 21:49:53
By: Geoff Wright
Take care with a Seagull on a Mirror!  You have to use the smallest model and you need to be able to keep the exhaust just below the water surface which in a light Mirror is difficult! If you raise the engine too high on the mount then its unstable so don't forget the landyard.  Even though the hp rating of the smaller Seagulls is round 2 or 3 hp the fantastic torque means it really pushes the boat through the waves and with the flat bow you will put a lot of stain on the boat.  They are terrific KISS motors though and I am sad they are no longer made and are regarded by some  as being filthy.

Posted: 19/06/2009 22:54:34
By: JOnathan
I have a seagull outboard for sale - still in it's original wrapping and has not been started since it left the factory. Offers?....

Posted: 19/06/2009 23:01:30
By: John
Might be able to lend you one for Salcombe Week I presume?? Used to use a mirror for transport to and from Mill Bay although keeping up with the lead boats at Gurston was sometimes an issue?? Give us a buzz 07946 070335 Cheers Guy

Posted: 19/06/2009 23:25:16
Anyone inyerested in a seagull (and I am not selling mine even though I sold the Mirror) will benefit from a look at the web site

Posted: 27/06/2009 20:42:48
By: Dad 3534


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