Topic : Earlswood on Sunday 21st June

Looks as though it is going to be a good day for suntans at Earslwood on Sunday for this Midland Circuit Open.  With 16 turning out at Carsington despite a few regulars trekking down to the south coast, can we turn out similar numbers for Earlswood?

Posted: 15/06/2009 12:02:35
By: Midlander
Link ought to be...

Posted: 15/06/2009 16:29:29
By: Mags
Have any more snapping turtles been seen in the lake or is it safe now? James is getting nervous now and hoping for less wind than last year!

Posted: 16/06/2009 10:04:15
By: Smokin
They keep saying that the snapping turtles are in the other lake but I am told that they can walk!  So perhaps the aim should be either no capsizes or a very, very quick recovery!

Posted: 16/06/2009 11:56:17
By: Midlander
And for those that are wondering what lies beneath the waves at Earlswood, take a peek at this link!

Posted: 16/06/2009 21:04:15
By: Midlander
Sod that!!!! some other geezers can win it this year......

Posted: 17/06/2009 22:12:28
By: D. H
I've always thought fishermen not the brightest.  Having eventually caught an obviously unpleasantly savage reptile that had been in the lake causing trouble for a while they eventually get the hook out of it and.....

throw it back in!

Posted: 18/06/2009 11:29:28
By: Andrew M
Snap snap SNAP

Posted: 18/06/2009 14:08:02
By: Turtle Head
Weather is looking perfect for Sunday with lighter winds than last year. Hopefully all of our visitors will be going home with their masts intact.

Usual format but please note that, last night, the road over the dam was dug up and closed to all traffic. If you are coming it would be safer to approach the club from the south side just in case it is still closed.

See you all Sunday.

Posted: 18/06/2009 14:18:27
By: Terry (3591)
Sorry to be missing, too much on for 2nd week running, middle of july when quiets down again.

Posted: 18/06/2009 15:22:58
By: Guy 3482
Any results?

Posted: 22/06/2009 10:51:39
By: pjm
1 - Duncan Salmon
2 - Matt Biggs
3 - Steve Leney

A fab day's sailing with a big turn out (for Earlswood). Thanks to all for coming along.


Posted: 22/06/2009 17:40:43
By: Terry (3591)
good weather and good food so and excellet day

didnt have a great even after changing crews with martin have to look at my boat set up for those condictions

roll on next merlin event

Posted: 22/06/2009 20:58:44
By: James 3403


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