Topic : Pics from a lively Bolton


Posted: 08/06/2009 20:25:07
By: JP
Looks exciting. Another year goes past with me saying "must go to Bolton" and not managing to do it.  A friendly group of people - glad that there was a good turn out.

Posted: 10/06/2009 23:48:53
By: Fat Pig
At what point is less than 20 boats a good turnout? Lowest turnout of the 2009 Silver Tiller season so far if not for several years?

Posted: 11/06/2009 22:37:41
By: Confused
We tend to struggle with turn outs up here, but it ws great to see such a high quality of boats and nice to see many Midlanders supporting. Let's build on it.

Posted: 12/06/2009 07:02:44
By: Pip
Obviously it is easier to get big turn-outs if the meetings are near where the most Merlins are - the London area and the Midlands.
However I don't think we should be obsessed by numbers alone - we also need to grow the class into more areas so I think Bolton should be considered a success as the racing was good and the standard was high. So a good time was had and it must be our loss (those who didn't go) if we didn't join in. Next time I will!

Posted: 12/06/2009 10:08:39
By: Pat Blake
Sorry, did I say the wrong thing?

Posted: 17/06/2009 00:12:34
By: Fat Pig
confused?..... the voice of doom and gloom.....

Posted: 17/06/2009 20:31:52
By: D. H


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