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sometimes a great fun race comes together.
Cant be that often you rock up to your home club for a casual wed eve race and the current Inland Champ, Grand slam champ and former Nat Champ are there ready to compete along with top sailor formerly of Ent class.

Daunting, but I snaffled the IC as crew and gave chase and had really fun time! A bit behind GSC but just a few seconds behind Entman who was with the crew who won Redditch open for me.

Thanks lads. Andy, Chris, Rob, Rich and Ben.

So what Merlin delight have you had recently?

Posted: 02/04/2009 10:08:05
By: Shaka
Good thread!

Two to report;

Late last summer - club race at Hayling with Jeremy crewing. Start in the harbour, round the buoys in the bay and back into finish. Sunshine, planing breeze and son raving about how fantastic it all was..

Last weekend - also club racing at HISC, crewing for the boss this time. Beautiful weather, 4 club merlins competing, Jeremy racing the 29er, and the most fantasitc harbour scenery to enjoy.



Posted: 02/04/2009 11:28:14
By: Measurement Man

Forgot to say that we say Toby last weekend at Rutland sailing his 49er. Shame that he has turned native - could barely understand what the lad was saying!

Good to see him afloat..



Posted: 02/04/2009 11:30:35
By: Measurement Man
Looking forward to some Merlin Magic this weekend in the sun at Salcombe. Forecast for light winds but sunny (as it always is supposed to be down here). First time out since Looe so rather excited!

Posted: 02/04/2009 13:45:41
By: Andy Hay - Enchantment 3386
Merlin Magic? Getting back afloat in the Smokers, not having raced in a Merlin for years. Despite the light airs at Whitefriars I enjoyed that magical feeling as what was no more than a mere cats paw of wind suddenly started lifting you up and away from the other boats. Lack of practice in the boat, a leak (or two or three) and a main full enough to hide a whole raft of excuses couldn't detract from the sheer pleasure of sailing a 'proper' boat again.
As the TV advert says....priceless!


Posted: 02/04/2009 16:09:25
By: David
Merlin magic? Last year beating the Lasers on the water in a race at Forfar but remembering that my Merlin is 58 years old, solid mahogany and ribbed with rivets and roves!!  Now that's pure magic!!

Posted: 02/04/2009 16:26:07
By: Garry R

Toby mentioned he saw you. He even won a race I believe. Mark Barnes was there too.

he has become a Scot through his Glaswegian Grandfather so its bone fide.
They even wonder why he speaks Wegie with English words.

Posted: 02/04/2009 19:46:26
By: Shaka
it was fun weds you sailed well its good when we all get together cheers steve

Posted: 02/04/2009 22:42:42
By: ben h
Hi Ben and Steve.  Let's do it again.  Mike

Posted: 02/04/2009 22:52:04
By: Mike Anslow
Great late evening sail last night at Ranelagh in the first race of the 2009 London Mid-Week series. Won by Fran Gifford in John Stokes Merlin, Atlantis (3288) by 8 seconds from her brother Michael in a Solo. 4 Merlins out in a fleet of 23. 3073 4th.

Posted: 03/04/2009 15:19:09
By: Nick Price (3073)


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