Topic : anyone looking for a crew for salcombe?

i really want to do Salcombe week this year..

i did Salcombe last year and i loved it, the whole aspect of the week is awsome!

i used to sail with tudor in "back in black'

well get in touch if u need a crew

hamish :)

Posted: 22/02/2009 21:05:20
By: hamish kilburn
I sailed with Hamish at Whistable the other day.

He is very good. Really light on his feet and moves around the boat really well. Fit as a fiddle and hikes like a badger!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but you must be just under 9.5 stone? So perfect Salcombe crew weight.

Posted: 22/02/2009 22:29:19
By: liam
Ive seen Hamish sail the merlin out of whitstable during a couple of club races last year at Whitstable to.  He looked like you could put him into any boat in the merlin fleet and do well, simply because he knew every manouver of by heart and when and where to put himself round the boat.  Oh yes the force is strong with this one i think.

Posted: 23/02/2009 16:26:45
By: Pete Nicholson
Come on guys don't big him up too much or his hat won't fit!  But he is a great crew - highly recommended.

Posted: 23/02/2009 16:55:07
By: JC
HAH! dont go too far guys.. I just love salcombe and want to do the event.. u know exams would have just finished and all that... Salcombe would be the ideal event lol!

Posted: 23/02/2009 17:37:35
By: hamish kilburn
Poss yeah but better talk to bro in law first but be in touch but poss not at front end of fleet Cheers Guy!

Posted: 23/02/2009 23:41:09
Sorry 07946 070335 and hope you enjoy beer?

Posted: 23/02/2009 23:43:02
Hamish, I did send you an email or two, after you posted your request.

Posted: 24/02/2009 08:09:13
By: Rob Holroyd
hmmm - well Ive got a boat, (3604) and won a few races in the past - but should I put my ageing body through it all again - a good man in the front might just be as spur to take the plunge!

Posted: 24/02/2009 08:13:55
By: the gurn
I was thinking about, then saw the entry is already at 103, so technically (unless no one tells the harbour master) then there is a waiting list.

Posted: 24/02/2009 16:09:13
By: AlanF
Hi Hamish, tried emailing you but my mail system had said it was having trouble delivering, can you email me and I will respond.

ps I do have an salcombe entry

Posted: 25/02/2009 08:00:34
By: Rob Holroyd
No Rob You have an entry to the lucky dip, at present there will be 3 winners

Posted: 25/02/2009 15:02:23
By: Not going this year
Actually I am at 103 entries as I write this and having discussed the situation with the powers that be in both the MROA and here at Salcombe we have decided that we will accept a maximum of 104 entries and after that we go to the waiting list.

The basis of this decision is that accomodation in Salcombe this year is at a premuim according to the holiday letting agencies - something to do with the banks and financial instutions ruining the £ and people staying in the UK and not traveling abroad - and as historically we get a drop out of about 5 boats we felt that it was unfair to those on the waiting list to have to trawl around to find accomodation and then pay through the nose for what they eventually get!

And to prove this theory I have had a withdrawl notified to me only this evening.......

Does this put the early entry draw at jepordy? I think not - this is a very unique year (hopefully not to be repeated!) and all I can say is a big thanks to all those who continue to support Salcombe Merlin Week; I have a new title sponsor in the wings for this year following the withdrawl of Marchand Petit Estate Agents who have put their money up for countless years!! An anouncement will be forthcoming in the next few days but suffice to say I got there before Sir Frank Williams!!!!!!

Posted: 25/02/2009 22:15:29
By: im wot shud no!!!
that told you!!!10 out of 10 for research

Posted: 25/02/2009 22:34:14
By: Pete Nicholson


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