Topic : Party at the Warming Pan

Hamble River Sailing Club have very kindly organised the Warming Pan as a tribute to my birthday this year! I'm proposing to organise a meal in a restaurant in Southampton on Saturday night followed inevitably with some dancing in some suitable dive. 

Anyone who fancies joining in with the meal, let me know and I will make sure I book a big enough table.

Cheers, Simon.

Posted: 17/02/2009 12:47:51
By: Simon Blakioo
You're a dead man. X

Posted: 19/02/2009 19:51:24
By: Party animal
I'm not expecting to post our best ever result that weekend

Posted: 19/02/2009 20:27:03
By: Philly D
So your expecting to be on the water on Sunday then

Posted: 19/02/2009 20:35:10
By: .


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