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During this festive season it's really the time for planning summer holidays (not a lot else to do once the turkey is in the oven) and wondered at what stage the dates of the Vintage events for 2009 will makje an appearance on the events page?

Merry Christmas to all who have made the forum such informative fun during 2008.

Posted: 23/12/2008 09:21:12
By: Garry R
My fault. I've got the list in an email....but I've also got to get ready for a new baby, so there are rather a lot of things to do....ARG!

Posted: 23/12/2008 09:50:58
By: Mags
Hi Garry, drop me your email and I will let you have the latest dates - all should be close enough for holiday planning.
MAGS - still a bit of tweaking goin on so don't worry about putting up info this week !

Posted: 23/12/2008 18:12:34
By: Ben 2529
Oh so easy to cut and paste here.

Posted: 24/12/2008 00:14:32
By: .
Good idea:

2 Hunts
9 Northampton (Inlands)
16 Cookham
23 Bourne End

6 Ranelagh
13 Hayling
20 Thames SC

4 Dorchester
25 Shustoke

8 Wroxham
29 Roadford

5 Hampton
19 Banbury

3 Shearwater
10 Tamesis
17 Minima

Posted: 24/12/2008 15:31:09
By: Mags
Add to that the CVRDA events at which all Vintage Merlins are welcome.

The confirmed events for 2009 are as follows

Premier Events (for the Traveller's Series)

18th April - Baltic Wharf Sailing Club
23-25 May - Clywedog Sailing Club
18-19 July - Thames Sailing Club
29-31 August - Roadford Lake (10th Anniversary National Rally)

Other Events

3 October - Shearwater Sailing Club
21 November - Baltic Wharf Sailing Club

Posted: 28/12/2008 09:45:39
By: Pat2121


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