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Looking at next years fixtures list, made me wonder where the 'special events' are in particular races like the Harlow Blackwater Two Islands,one of the most enjoyable races in the calendar.Is there any possibility of including it in the calendar if enough competitors wanted it?  Would Harlow Blackwater be interested in hosting it? It would be interesting to know

Posted: 03/12/2008 13:33:59
By: Ian
Hi Ian / all the Two Islands Race came from the Blackwater joint clubs Challenge series with Maylandsea Bay S.C. running a race around the two islands Osea and Northy.
Harlow Blackwater SC has run ST meeting on and off for years and run a the same race as do the Blackwater SC. I can tell you that Mayland SC would be pleased to see a Merlin fleet back on the Blackwater and support a Merlin start. I personally would be really chuffed as East Merlin rep. And Maylandsea sailing sec. to be supported by the Merlin Rocket class. We have 10 Merlins in 4 clubs on the Blackwater but we are a bit out on the edge. If there is support now is a good time to let me know
Regards Rep. East: Alan Jackson

Posted: 03/12/2008 14:27:44
By: Merlin Magic Essex
Hi Alan
4 Merlins now at Brightlingsea and all going to the Nationals, depending on the date I am sure we would be interested. Andy Bines (Ex Fireball) has recently got one, been out a couple of times and won the last time out. It would be good to sail at Maylandsea again, hav'nt been there for years........

Posted: 03/12/2008 15:15:27
By: Craig


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