Topic : Snowflake Series Chichester November 2nd

Last winter we sailed in the Sowflake series at Chichester and had a great time.I see that it starts 2 November this year. Last year the Merlin numbers were high at the start but dropped off as the season went on, despite (By my reckonoing) it being incredibly mild! As we are pondering where to sail this winter, are other Merlins planning to sail again this winter ?

Posted: 22/09/2008 13:53:38
By: Rod 3586
I will be there this year.

Posted: 22/09/2008 15:48:44
By: will warren
but who with william ?

Posted: 22/09/2008 15:51:36
By: willys fat mate
As will Chris and I even if we both hate winter sailing, we need the practice, frikin hate inland sailing

Posted: 22/09/2008 16:23:18
By: Alex
hi Alex I laid a challenge at wills feet the other day to see if he's man enough to take it up ?? 

As I told him "whats the fun in winning an event that you have won before, winnings nice but set the bar higher "
(like i have any knowledge of what its like to win an event )

Posted: 22/09/2008 16:34:27
By: willys fat mate
I will be there as well. It was cracking last season.

Posted: 22/09/2008 19:54:56
By: hywel jnr
me too

Posted: 22/09/2008 21:51:15
By: gareth perkins
We are planning to come down for allot of it too.

Posted: 22/09/2008 23:01:40
By: Jez3550
Wish I could be with you. Air temperature is irrelevant when there is the opportunity to sail, in my opinion.

Posted: 23/09/2008 08:50:30
By: Mags
I agree , and the crew can only whinge once the spray starts to freeze on the decks.

Posted: 23/09/2008 13:13:19
By: Rod 3586
which is unlikely ever with salt water so no excuses!!

Posted: 23/09/2008 17:18:38
By: Chris M
Sorry Chris pull up a bollard, swing the lantern and I tell you a tale of North Atlantic crossings on the Grey funnel Line when salt water froze in 6 foot iceicles and the flight deck was a skating rink, you see salt water loved to freeze before global warming. 
So we all went below and got bladdered on Taunton Special Vat or Red Grenades instead.

Posted: 23/09/2008 23:31:30
By: Martin 3190
It is a while since it was really cold at CYC. There was one January race the day after the Bloody Mary when it was b*£$ cold!  The late Martin Warren had sailed his Merlin(COTOB)there with Sprat Brady crewing, and then came down to CYC the next day.  In between, the water in the plate case had frozen solid, and on launching at CYC, they couldn't get the plate down at all.  It was cold enough at Chi for the harbour water to have turned sludgy with ice just forming at the edges, even though it was a windy day.  Sprat had to stand in the water holding the boat while Martin went up and back to the canteen with jugs of hot water to pour down the case.  Sprat had one of those DIY wetsuits with the bum hanging out, and he only weighed about 7 stone (hence the nickname sprat), so standing in freezing water for 20 minutes did him no good at all.  If I recall, they unfroze the plate, but defrosting Sprat was a longer matter and was not achieved before the race started.

Those were the days! One race was all even a real man like Nick Yoyo could stomach!

To quote old Wogan,"Ah, me lost youth!"


Posted: 24/09/2008 08:55:47
By: Measurement Man
Does anyone have the start times, number of races etc. .. I can never find anything on the CYC website. 


Andy D

Posted: 27/10/2008 16:32:39
By: Andy
Here you go Andy.

Posted: 27/10/2008 16:55:27
By: Frances Gifford
Thanks Team!!

Posted: 27/10/2008 17:02:35
By: Andy
There is of course also the RYYC Autumn Trophy at Ranelagh the day after the dinner, a joined up idea add the AGM and you'd have a good Merlin Rocket Weekend.

Posted: 27/10/2008 17:28:42
By: .
Anyone sailing a Merlin at Chichester this Sunday 28/12?

Posted: 22/12/2008 09:23:55
By: JonCG
Myself, Will Rainey and Ross in his new boat

Posted: 22/12/2008 09:48:29
By: Alex
We are coming too.

Posted: 22/12/2008 09:57:52
By: Jez3550
Snowboarding and crying over the exchange rate

Posted: 22/12/2008 17:23:32
By: Rod Porteous 3586


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