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After a year long break from all things wet, I am returning to sailing, and more specifically the Merlin Rocket. I used to own a 1974 Smoker Satisfaction, (as myself and my Crew were pushing 35 stone). I wondered if this design would still be ok? as myself and the new crew now weigh in at 27 stone, Is there a more modern design for us? We have a budget of £1500-£2500, and are looking at coastal sailing, with hopes for a few open meetings. Cheers

Posted: 25/08/2008 12:57:10
By: Liam
THere is a Thames Barge  on e-bay!

Posted: 25/08/2008 14:15:39
By: .
now now... we are both dieting and reckon we will be at a combined weight of 22-25 stone by next season....

Posted: 25/08/2008 14:26:27
By: liam
For information the average male height in the UK is 5'9.5" and the average weight is 12st 6lbs.  Thus if you follow the averages the combined average height crew weight should be 24st 12lbs so a stone or so over is damn all if you are a bit taller.

Posted: 25/08/2008 16:29:07
By: Garry R
Check out the excellent DESIGN GUIDE and BOATS FOR SALE pages on the Merlin website. Reveal your address and ask members of your nearest Merlin club to get in touch with you for personal advice and perhaps trial sails.

Posted: 25/08/2008 21:54:49
By: Mike Fitz
We come in at 23.5 and reacon we are able to sail any of the current designs and older ones as well but to get the best out of the Winder MK5 we would be near to the top of the weight range and would have to work the boat hard to achieve its optimium performance, whereas the Mk4 seems easier to keep in the groove. Depends on budget and level you want to sail to. For instance, if you want to run around at the front of the fleet, our experience is that the little things make the difference. Therefore, you'll need the one string system and plate brake one string (both can be retrofitted to Winder glass boats and some wooden ones). Also when buying check what mast the boat has. Heavy weights, would suggest a Superspar but if less than 23 a Chipstow. Design, if wooden a Kevin Driver or Chipstow would be where I would head for longevity of hull. Also worth considering are the composite Turner Canterbury Tales but check rig tension and the GRP condition. Have fun with the diet and see you on the water soon.

Posted: 26/08/2008 09:18:32
By: Barnsie
With the budget you have the Canterbury Tales is out of reach.  NSM2 is a better weight carrier than NSM4, both should be readily available, condition is very important, what is around varies from much loved boats with significant structural problems and rot to the well-maintained and sound.  Better to pay a bit more up front than have a hefty bill and no sailing for a couple of months.  Unless you are heavily into carpentry.  Also it's a lot cheaper to buy trailers and covers with the boat generally.  From experience if the boat is being sold with 3 suits of sails then 2 are only worth using as dust sheets.

Posted: 26/08/2008 13:48:16
By: Andrew M
My first Merlin was Mood Indigo an NSM4 and she held her own against Caterbury Tales localy carrying 23 stone.

Posted: 27/08/2008 08:24:40
By: Barnsie
Mark refers to the Winder mk 5. Is this in reality the mk 4 with hull modifications, or has the mould been changed. If the latter, what are the modifications that Winder are offering at the moment?

Posted: 27/08/2008 08:35:03
By: In the queue


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