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Bit confused by this boat scrutineering business do I have to remove my centerboard for the boat weighing? and all of the controls for outhaul and cunningham etc?
Might seem like daft questions to some but this is my first ever national champs.

Posted: 11/08/2008 19:32:20
By: Nationals Newbie
You just have to have the mast off. When weighed the measurer or their assistants (you) lift the boom and spin poles, mainsheet up in the air. The measurer makes allowance for other factors e.g. if it is raining and the boat is wet.

The c/board is included in the weight, so are shroud/lower adjustment tackles, see year book Rules 5.b.

Rule 6.b states the c/board shall not exceed 8kg, but so far I have never seen this checked at the Nationals, imaging the queue, however if you are completely new to Merlins and you start getting to the first Mark well ahead, I expect that some one might be taking a more detailed look at your boat :-) Have fun

Posted: 11/08/2008 21:04:38
By: Alan F
All broadly correct!  It's nothing to worry about, and both we and Rob Heath, who has kinsly offered to run the boat scrutineering on Saturday, will be on hand to guide you through the process.  Just bring your certificate, and the rest will happen!

Champs Team 2008

Posted: 11/08/2008 22:29:44
By: Champs Team 2008
See you 10:00 am on Saturday then!

Posted: 12/08/2008 16:35:46
By: Nationals Newbie


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