Topic : Kicker plate failure

On my Winder CT the stainless kicker attaching loop that is welded on to a base plate on top of the centreboard case failed today. This is the base plate that is roughly 4 cm square and is bolted through in each corner. The loop came off in a blow from what looks like fatigue with added corrosion. 

Can someone tell me if this is a standard part or whether it has to be obtained direct from Winder's? If it is a standard part. Do you have the manufacturer and part number?

Thanks for your help

Posted: 09/08/2008 18:47:17
By: Terry (3591)
Ive had a couple of these in, its a part the yorkshire geezers have made,Ive just taken them off and had them re welded,you need to find a firm that does stainless welding.

Posted: 09/08/2008 21:28:57
By: D. H


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