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What happened to all the Merlins? There was only 2 of us at Chanonry, at the weekend. Saturday was forcast as light winds, but actually blew yer pants off. Sunday was little or no wind, until after the racing was finished!! Thought there would have been a few more boats.

Posted: 04/08/2008 19:58:09
By: IanC
Sorry I was not there at the weekend.  We had just towed back from London the week before after 3 weeks away from home.  So there was catching up to do and Gannet was at Forfar and I didn't want to sail Secret Water on the sea.  Next year .........  Hope to be at Tummel in September.

Posted: 04/08/2008 22:53:13
By: Garry R
Could not make it as I had my kids, it's the first one I have missed and will definately be at Tummel. Was sorry I couldn't make this year as enjoyed 2007 meeting. Hamish has been doing family things as well to build up for the week pass he needs for the nationals and if anyone is trying to e mail him at the moment, his pc has been bust so he is offline untill he has it fixed.

Posted: 05/08/2008 21:25:21
By: Calum B
my owner is defo doing tummel midges beware

Posted: 06/08/2008 14:27:54
By: megan
Ah the Highland Midge!

AKA The Pest
Oh ye, wha in your oors o ease,
Are fashed wi golochs, mauks, an flees,
Fell stingin wasps an bumble bees,
Tak tent o this:
There's ae sma pest that's waur nor these
To mar your bliss.
hey hing ower hedges, burns, an wuds,
An dance at een in dusky cluds;
Wi aw your random skelps an scuds,
They're naeweys worrit:
Gin there's a hole in aw your duds,
They'll mak straucht for it.
I've traivled wast, I've traivled east;
I'm weel aquant wi mony a beast;
Wi lions, teegers, bears - at least
I've kent their claw:
I've been the fell mosquito's feast-
But this cowes aw.
Auld Scotland, on thy bonnie face,
Whan Mither Nature gied ye grace,
Lown, birken glens an floery braes,
Wild windy ridges,
To save ye frae deleerit praise,
She gied ye midges.

The only sure cure is Marmite. It's the Vitamin B12in the
Brewers Yeast

Posted: 06/08/2008 16:01:58
By: Beauregard McTavish of that Ilk


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