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Following on from another thread.

The ST plan is complex and until you've had a go at it it is a mystery.
At present venues; there are an abudance of restricted, enough opens and not enough sea. We have determined that 21 STs are enough along with several other favoured MR events. That is 7 of each. Within that, the policy is one River restricted event, therefore 6 others.

The policy of holding events only at MR clubs is tricky as several popular places may have lost out in the past. However, it is a consideration. Especially sea!!

Fuel costs will become an increasing issue and likely to become more important than entry costs etc. Hence, double weekends.

I certainly wish to have a national wide ST programme including Scotland and thus a centralising around the South is against that philosophy. Therefore, a limited number of River events as I cannot envisage a river event on the Mersey. And ive tried the Dee.

ST planning is commencing as we speak with Dave Lee being Master of ST.

Send in your bids I guess.


Posted: 02/08/2008 11:24:43
Chair, I can't see what you mean by saying there are too many restricted, enough open and not enough sea events.

This year's spread is:

Restricted (reservoir/broads) - 6
Restricted (river) - 1
Open (reservoir) - 2
Open (estuary/sea) - 5
Sea - 7

One river ST venue is not balanced in terms of the above. This year (Ranelagh) was only one race. If the Committee has decided that 21 events is the magic number, why not remove one restricted reservoir venue (say by including Wembley SC in the rotation with the five/six other river clubs), so as to keep the balance of restricted venues to seven?

Adding one Thames club into the loop is not centralising around the South. This year there are seven southeast events (five south coast and two Thames region), four southwest, seven midland and north and three east coast events. Perhaps we should stop thinking in terms of North/South and think more in terms of the actual regions.

In terms of sending in your bids, I'd like to submit that two clubs out of the following be considered for ST status next year - Hampton, Tamesis, Cookham, Upper Thames, Ranelagh, Wembley. With Wembley having had ST status every year for the last few years, perhaps they'd agree to forgo next year and let two other clubs have a go.

Leftfield's suggestion is very good and constructive. Probably best if the river clubs concerned liaise with each other and consult Dave Lee accordingly.

Posted: 02/08/2008 16:03:58
By: Richard (3233)
Richard makes a number of interesting points.  First let me say that the Silver Tiller series by its very nature is intended to test the all round ability of those competing, and by so doing has meant that the Merlin Rocket has developed into what it is at present. without foils, racks, trapezes or asymetric spinnakers which are now used by classes such as the Int. 14 or Moth - these classes are now suitable only for sea and large water courses.

Committee decided a few years ago to limit the number of events in each category (sea, open water and restricted water) to 7, giving a total of 21 events in all. These are the only categories, and there are no subdivisions into river, estuary or lake. It was thought that any more events might spread attendances more thinly, and, indeed, it has been suggested by some that the number should be reduced even further - not the policy of the present committee, I should add!

It should also be noted that the separate categories are related to events on the sea or on large or small areas of water. The difference between "open" and "restricted" meetings relates purely to the size of the water - restricted events events testing the manoeuvrability of the boat and crew rather more than out and out speed sailing. None of this year's restricted venues could in any way be described as a potential open waters venue as was suggested in another thread on the forum - none of the reservoirs is much more than 100 acres or so.

I think that Richard (and others) have a point about the shortage of river meetings. However, we need to have a reasonable spread of events around the country and, for those south of Watford, there is quite a distance between Merlin clubs in the Midlands and those in the North - though I accept that Hollingworth, Bolton, etc. are even further away for those from the Thames Valley and especially from the South Coast. However, this cuts the other way for the Hollingworth chaps when they want to do Shoreham or the Salcombe open meeting.

As for Chairman Steve's point about the venues, there are plenty of restricted waters clubs with active Merlin fleets crying out for recognition with a Silver Tiller meeting of their own. However, it is much more difficult to find suitable clubs for sea meetings - most of the attractive ones are on the South Coast - and even more problematic to find open water venues to suit the class's requirements.

I'm sure Dave Lee will take into account all these conflicting demands in his first year as fixtures secretary. So, whilst I understand the points that are being made, please don't give him a hard time.

Posted: 03/08/2008 22:01:32
By: Mike Anslow
I understand what you're saying Mike except your point regarding the size of restricted venues.  In terms of size and the types of courses that can be used, I and others feel there is a lot of difference between river venues and 100 acre reservoirs, otherwise why would Wembley receive ST status every year and not, say, Tamesis or Hampton, as is currently the case?  Also, I don't see that adding one event would spread attendances more thinly.  If you target clubs with big Merlin fleets, you're more likely to get big attendances.

Anyway, I don't want to give Dave Lee or anyone else on the Committee a hard time - I would rather work with Dave and others to come to some form of solution.

Posted: 04/08/2008 09:23:24
By: Richard (3233)
Does anybody know Dave Lee's email address?

Posted: 04/08/2008 23:08:49
By: Roy
Does anybody know Dave Lee's email address?

Posted: 04/08/2008 23:10:00
By: Roy
Dave Lee's details are near the bottom

Posted: 05/08/2008 07:25:54
By: .
You can email me at [email protected]

I will be putting the draft fixture list together when I get back from the Champs and holidays in early September. As noted above, I am new to the role and have a lot to get to grips with as I have to fit 21 events in the calendar, 7 in each ST category, around Salcombe, the Inlands and the Nationals. Many of our venues are constrained to certain dates by tides or there are other factors such reservoir water levels and seasonal weed growth. Then there are considerations such as which clubs have good Merlin fleets, geographic distribution of events etc, etc.

Many thanks to the club fleet reps who have been in touch already with ST event requests, but please note that I cannot confirm any dates at this stage. It would also make things a little easier if you could let me have two or three potential 2009 dates for your club.


Posted: 05/08/2008 20:26:21
By: Dave Lee


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