Topic : More Nationals success

Taxi and Tom (the speed boys) just won the Scorpion nationals !!

Posted: 01/08/2008 14:56:43
By: .
Rob Wilder 16th .

Posted: 01/08/2008 16:23:33
By: .
Merlin boys with a sting!

well done

Posted: 02/08/2008 11:26:15
Is that another MR man, Our Mr Alan Warren 3rd in Grad nationals?

Posted: 04/08/2008 11:57:18
By: Rob
Can you really see Alan in a Graduate.....

Posted: 04/08/2008 12:11:11
By: Ross
Race office was former Merlin Class Chairman Pete Richards at the Scorpions.. I was protested in the first race, !! Not a good way to get you to join their class.. Have to say the boat and people very much league two compared to the Merlin which is the premiership..

Posted: 07/08/2008 18:48:45
By: Rob Wilder
So, Rob, you'll not be going to the Scorpion Nationals again then!

Posted: 07/08/2008 20:02:41
By: .
never say never..

Posted: 07/08/2008 22:02:11
By: Rob Wilder
with that attitude no wonder you did not feel welcome

Posted: 08/08/2008 07:59:05
By: .
Merlin Rocket, British Moth, Solo, Scorpion. What's next Rob?

Posted: 08/08/2008 08:50:22
By: Robert Harris
Well if you will pump in front of a national judge what do you expect! Won't comment on dodgy witnesses though...

Posted: 08/08/2008 09:12:07
By: Tom J

Posted: 08/08/2008 10:19:56
By: Shaun
Well if you were cheating and got found out then...............

Posted: 08/08/2008 10:58:59
By: .
I accepted the protest even though i think it was harsh. It was good have an on the water umpire who turned up the day after my protest I certainly learnt a lot from him on what you can and cannot do. (believe me probably over 50% of peoples sailing is illegal and over 90% of salcombe and river sailing illegal if you read the rules and watch those sailing but I dont want to get into a discussion about it).  It was more the way in which it was handled. Not the best way to make you feel welcome in the class. 

as for classes only the Solo. need to pimp up my old merlin..

Posted: 08/08/2008 12:31:18
By: Rob Wilder
Hi Rob
There are several teams in the MR fleet that are definitely on the side of agreesive kinetics. We had to deal with the issue at the Parkstone Nationals years ago, delaying the prize giving. However, when the protesting group won, the fleet gave a thank you to those brave enough to go through with it. That cleaned up the fleet for 3 years but see it is slipping back the other way. We don't and have not done it as my style of sailing does not suite it and back is knackered and so would only be good for beer by mid week.
Videoing would be good as some do not realise just how bad they are. Stu/Matt were one of the best at it in Antie Nora at Tenby as they sailed past us on the first reach in most races. On the water judges are the best way but cost money. Ah well at least they give you a good account of what is and is not allowed.
In the Bs we police it and have cleaned up the fleet. Just got to get one or two of the mid-fleet guys to obey the rules a bit better.
Anyway, soon be at Looe but first to sort the rig and sails. On the case.
PS Rob fancy having another crack at the skiff thing

Posted: 08/08/2008 17:25:13
By: Barnsie


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