Topic : Rong Number

Did I dream that Rong Number was up for sale this morning or is she sold already?

Posted: 28/05/2008 17:19:33
By: Grump
No dream - it was definitely on the for sale list this morning.  It's either been snapped up or the owner's had second thoughts?  Have to say, whichever it is, it's a beautiful boat.

Posted: 28/05/2008 17:31:42
By: Richard
Glen, you  haven't purchased another have you?

Posted: 28/05/2008 19:32:32
By: .
I was asked to remove it from the list.

Posted: 28/05/2008 22:09:09
By: Mags
Thats good we need to see the owner and that splendid boat on the water. Looked great at Rutland

Posted: 28/05/2008 22:50:21
By: Ned
Has Midnight Flight been snapped up as well ?

Posted: 30/05/2008 12:13:11
By: .
She was removed from the list, but I know not why.

Posted: 30/05/2008 21:05:13
By: Mags


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