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Just wondering about the scoring situation with 2 day open meetings. If I can only attend the sunday would I have to count a DNS in my results?
I am particularly thinking of Brightlingsea

Posted: 17/05/2008 18:52:37
By: Andy M
At Whitstable, on the sea,  we normally arrange two day open meetings with two races each day for Merlins and results are taken as one discard in four races. If you turned up here for one day only you would, as you say, count 3 with one discard hence include one "Did not start" points equal to the number of starters plus one. However we have often run a two day open for Merlins with only the Sunday counting for the Silver Tiller series and two sets of prizes for the weekend and the Sunday only. Note that this year is a two day Silver Tiller event at Whitstable. Read the events page carefully for all events!
Other Clubs and/or Classes sometimes have more short races or less long races, such as one very long race in a day. All clear now? But what the hell, if you want to enjoy an event at a place you fancy who cares what days you come and what your overall results are. You can only compare your race results against the boats who were there for the races you do.

Posted: 17/05/2008 20:59:13
By: Mike Fitz
You should not get a DNS, it should be a DSC for the two races you did'nt sail in or at least go on the water for. And a DNC is 2 points more than the number competing each race.  But I agree just go out and have some fun when you can.

Posted: 17/05/2008 22:14:58
By: Mike
1st Dsc should read DNC, to many beers!!

Posted: 17/05/2008 22:15:51
By: Mike
Historically Silver Tillers were always one-day events on sunday only but in response to many requests the committee decided to move with the times and vary the fixtures. So a few are now on saturdays and some are two days - they are marked with an asterix on the fixture list. Of course points mean prizes but prizes are not everything, if you just pitch up on the sunday of one of these events and win both races you won't half feel good on the way home - even if you haven’t got the trophy!

Posted: 18/05/2008 10:33:56
By: Pat Blake
Thanks for the info. 
All I have to do now is persuade my crew that we should go to Brightlingsea! As we cannot sail at our home club that weekend it sounds like a very good choice. Getting a sail is far more important than an overall result.

Posted: 18/05/2008 19:38:43
By: Andy M
Pat has summed it up well - but at Whitstable we have a trophy for the best result on the Sunday (both races to count) as well as the overall weekend winner. Notice of Race on this website. See you at the end of June!

Posted: 18/05/2008 21:11:57
By: JC
I think Brightlingsea will be doing the same, if more than one Merlin turns up for just the Sunday. looking forward to meeting you all.

Posted: 19/05/2008 11:10:27
By: Craig
Just one other question - does anyone know what time the first race is on sunday at Brightlingsea?

Posted: 19/05/2008 13:34:47
By: Andy M
A new and exciting venue on the East Coast. With a new and vibant home fleet of merlins, just itching to give us travellers a warm essex welcome. (Rumour has it even jacko's joining) Great sailing in very open water, so open that we've classed it as a sea event. 

RACING. Total races 5, 2 Sat- 3 Sun. Races will be run back to back both days.

STARTS. Sat.13.00hrs Sun 10.30hrs Allow approx 20mins sailing to reach starting area

ADDITIONAL INFO. Sat. evening meal included in entry fee.
Accommodation list available on request. Camp Site adjacent to dinghy park.

Posted: 19/05/2008 14:17:37
By: Craig
RE:>>so open that we've classed it as a sea event. 

But the launching is certainly NOT "sea". The gently sloping slipway is almost 3 feet away from the clubhouse / bar / changing rooms / spectators. You launch into Brightlingsea creek, and then sail out (5 mins) into the main Colne estuary, and then out further still (10-15 mins, depending on tide and wind direction) to get to the racing area in the large bay between Colne Point and Bradwell.
See:!127 zoom in as you like and view as "Road" or "aerial".

Posted: 19/05/2008 17:10:41
By: BSea added
Yes, we even lay on Oysters at the bottom of the ramp at very low tides as a specialty for the Gourmand amongst you!

Unfortunately the tide will be high (14:36 Saturday) so unless you are excessively keen on Sunday (Low at 8:58) you will miss that treat! Anyway the club breakfasts are more appealing, to me at least.

Posted: 19/05/2008 18:47:49
By: DaveC
You're just making me jealous now as we can't go to Brightlingsea until Pyefleet and the Vintage event and the sailing's really great - as is the Adnam's Regatta in the bar!

Posted: 19/05/2008 20:22:50
By: Pat2121
For Mike (Dinghystore) and others interested in the odd one point difference. I am afraid I found we both got it a bit wrong when I looked it up. The definition of DNC only applies to a series longer than a "Regatta" (Rules Appendix A rule A9), unless of course you change it in your Sailing Instructions. In a short "Regatta" series, like a weekend open meeting, someone who enters on a Sunday (providing the Sailing Instructions allow it) adds to the number of ENTRANTS. If they didn't sail on Saturday the only score(s) they can be given for Saturday is DNS, which is number of ENTRANTS + 1 according to Appendix A. You could alter that in the Sailing Instructions as well. Does it really matter? One is not likely to win anything carrying penalty scores.

Posted: 19/05/2008 21:00:21
By: Mike Fitz


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