Topic : advice please

being a dog i dont kno wmuch about hull designs and am trying to
somebody who want sto join th eclass

when you go through all the lastest glass fibre boats question is which design takes weight the best, am thinking of the easy rollers, let it rides and all the 4 marks of winder boats

not sure if some of the winder boasts got changed individually at all to accomodate extra weight

i guess in the end of the day was wondering are the dfferences in these boats in terms of taking weight significant

would appreciate peoples thoughts

woof woof

Posted: 05/11/2007 18:56:42
By: Megan
Glass fibre tastes horrid but wood is quite nice..woof!

Posted: 05/11/2007 20:23:15
By: Spotty dog whose name begins with a "D"
I reckon the MK1/2 tales is good for about 26 stone. After the bow drop i'm not so sure, and the recent mod even less so!

EZ Roller i don't really think we've seen enough of in the hands of anyone other than Will and Phil. Will is quite a big chap, but tends to sail with a small crew. Phil King also sailed light, as did Simon Blake. Interestingly Graham Scroggie though he thought he was too light for his. Phil said he thought it was good for up to about 23 stone.

Let it Ride.

Always thought to be lightweights boat, Glen and Davo however are hardly lightweights!

Posted: 05/11/2007 21:22:45
By: Chris M
Personally I think the 4 can take a bit of weight.  I've also 'observed' that they seem to go well with a relatively chunkier crew, however, the most devastating evidence that weight isn't so much of an issue was Boris and Toogood at Salcombe 2006 - veritably flying!  I think that Chris is correct about the mark Is, but I think that they are slower all round than a 4.  Cool Cookie was fast in the hands of Pat/Alex and that had the fattest bilge keels out.

As with all of this, I think that preconception and psychological embitterment does a lot to discount the larger teams. Just get a stiffer mast!

Posted: 05/11/2007 22:30:14
By: deepy
thanks guys 

in terms of a stiffer mast i guess the superspar is the answer, not sure if anybody ever put anotehr layer of carbon on the front of a jacko

liam always comnplains with my spreaders as dan got me to push them forward whereas it always surprises me to see them deflecting the shroud back of line, it might not seem like it but since i did that the boat feels better

always say to people that at one time people said youcouldnt sail a canterbury at wembley due to shape but now people have learned to be gentle in tacks etc and they are fine

the general conclusion here is get a light crew but point the boat in the right direction

Posted: 06/11/2007 07:47:31
By: Megan

My comments regards your spreaders are firstly they are not fixed in one position and they can move independently of each other.

Secondly they are forward, saying they are perpendicular to the mast is only a slight exaggeration! Your straight mast gives you a very full mainsail. This closes the slot and means that Marti has to sail which the jib a little free to prevent the main backing.

Hence we always see you tight reaching up the beat!

Posted: 06/11/2007 13:19:32
By: Liam
but the real question is ....

"is it faster"?

Another Colin

Posted: 06/11/2007 14:48:16
By: Colin

Before Col changed his spreaders you would see him pretty well up the fleet at the first mark.

Posted: 06/11/2007 15:55:13
By: Liam
So, do you think, if I have the opportunity to sail with a larger crew (my small crew isn't around til Dec) I should use my Superspars mast on my Mk4? We would be approximate 27 stone and a bit depending on what we had for lunch.

Posted: 06/11/2007 16:00:12
By: Alan F
Colin was very quick at Holy Loch.  He was miles ahead before he realised that he had gone the wrong way!!!

Posted: 06/11/2007 16:11:19
By: Sat Nav for mutts
The Mark 1 and 2 lose out offwind compared to the 4s and Let it Rides. Upwind they are still as fast, if not faster than both in my opinion.

Posted: 06/11/2007 16:36:46
By: Chris M
I'm not convinced that the superspars is they way forward for heavier crews.  Although I haven't sailed with one for a while, I recall that they were stiffer than a chipstow up top, and softer down the bottom.  Really you want a beefed up chipstow I reckon - bit stiffer all round than a standard one, but still proportionately less stiff up top.

Not sure what Colin's doing with his spreaders, but he seemed to be going OK at Hollingworth. Martin just needs to start the Marlboros again!

Posted: 06/11/2007 16:46:20
By: deepy
Larger crew...bloody cheek!

Posted: 07/11/2007 17:12:06
By: Dudley
yeah my owners TEMPORARY lack of performance started before he touched the spreaders whatever they are, dont think ive changed them that much

It could possibly be associated with everybody going faster but he assures me he will be back
on the podium next year

hum wot we need is a stiffer mast but still as light as the jackos methinks

Posted: 07/11/2007 17:17:36
By: Megan
What you need is GRAVY BONES.....woof!

Posted: 07/11/2007 17:34:11
By: Dudley
Can I ask for your comments on where Laurie Smarts "Make It So" fits into the equation Re Speed up wind, off wind and weight carrying.

Posted: 09/11/2007 19:46:04
By: Roy


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