Topic : Everyone wants to sail a merlin

Hi all,

the captain of Southampton university mens team Ben (Anisworth) would like to sail a merlin at the BUSA fleet racing champs this weekend (@Weymouth). He's a great sailor with a good chance of winning, would anyone have a boat he could borrow? Would be good for the fleet for someone to win in a merlin :)


Posted: 29/10/2007 11:55:57
By: Andy Douglas
Sorry my number is actually 07765223364

Posted: 29/10/2007 12:16:29
By: Andy Douglas
and to beat downham in moist...

Posted: 29/10/2007 13:46:14
By: mark
Provided I can get the boat there... Hint hint.

Posted: 29/10/2007 16:16:19
By: deepy
sorry chris didn't know you were going. Who's you're crew?

Posted: 30/10/2007 10:26:22
By: Andy Douglas
I'm sure he would like to do it in a Merlin!! Tell him to get a job then he might be able to afford one.... Honestly, students these days.

Posted: 30/10/2007 10:26:32
By: Interested Observer
now he wants a car too!

Posted: 30/10/2007 16:24:44
By: .
Sorry its not him just another student increasing his future earning ability at the taxpayers expense!

Posted: 30/10/2007 16:38:43
By: .
What happened to the Larks of the 70's? clapped out boats at Manchester in '76 BUSA if I recall correctly, too many collisions to risk a Merlin.

Posted: 30/10/2007 20:15:01
By: old busarian
Got a guy from medical school doing it with me.  Should be good fun I hope!  Got the car sorted too, thanks Fran.

Posted: 30/10/2007 20:22:31
By: deepy
old busarian, they are talking about the fleet racing event, that is a little softer on the boats than team racing.

Last year Portsmouth sported two Merlin's and achieved a 4th and 9th, both boats from my stable so to speak.

Posted: 30/10/2007 21:18:28
By: Alan F
Manchester still have Larks, relatively new ones but still clapped out enough to be the worst buoyancy test failures at the Nationals. Despite copious amaounts of sealant we must have tested them at least a dozen times!!

Posted: 30/10/2007 21:36:49
By: Pat2121


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