Topic : Nice legs. 3330 on ebay

Anybody know what design this is? Appears to be deck stepped mast and low bow tank . B

Posted: 25/10/2007 20:22:21
By: Brian Deacon
Its a Nice Legs design, Ian Holt design, G Winder built, see previous thread for more info

Posted: 25/10/2007 20:30:28
By: E Bayer
Only one built to this design I believe.

From the design guide:

"Rudely described as a cross between a Ford Sierra and an aircraft carrier, this boat was a complete break from the current fashions in the fleet. Very full in the bow, high freeboard and a huge foredeck created by having the maximum beam well forward where the crew sits, finished off with a bustle in the run aft. All this had the rest of the fleet scratching their heads in disbelief. This was not helped by having a large radiused traveller on the foredeck for a self-tacking jib. Initially slow, the boat became gradually faster throughout its life and had a good championship at Whitstable in 1989 in the hands of its builder, Guy Winder, six years after its launch. Like most of Ian's designs, it did better in strong winds. "

Posted: 26/10/2007 09:28:24
By: Mags


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