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Hey everyone.
Myself and some of my colleagues are completing a fundraising event to raise money for Sailability. This charity helps get people with varying disabilities onto the water and enjoy the sport that we all know and love.

We are rowing in 8 man boats (just like they use for the Oxford / Cambridge race!!) (UH OH!) and we are rowing from Oxford to Kingston which is just over 100 miles. I am no rower and its going to hurt, but if people can donate and help me raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause then it would make this all worthwhile.

please see the link - and donate what you can - because every little helps.

If anyone has any direct questions about this or Sailabilty then please do not hesitate to contact me, or any advice on how to do this would be appreciated too!!

thanks in advance everyone


Posted: 26/09/2007 13:32:39
By: Claire Stopps
Friendly bump!!!

Posted: 27/09/2007 17:08:20
By: Claribobs
Hi Claire. I live near the river at Cookham, when are you likely to be rowing between Henley and Maidenhead?

Posted: 27/09/2007 17:53:45
By: Robert Harris
Hey, the plan at the mo is to do Oxford to Pangbourne on the first day and then to Windsor on the Sat and the final stretch on the Sunday - followed by a well deserved beer in Kingston!!
none of us have really done any rowing before so this is only a guesstimate!! i will keep you posted!!
we are all hoping for some rain before hand to help us along a bit quicker!!

thanks to everyone who has pledged already, every little helps!


Posted: 27/09/2007 19:27:22
By: Claribobs

Posted: 01/10/2007 12:59:46
By: Claire
So you'll be rowing through the Hampton Open Meeting! Good Luck.

Posted: 18/10/2007 11:42:25
By: Ancient Geek
You are certainly welcome at Hampton for a beer on Sunday so please pop in !!

Posted: 18/10/2007 12:17:37
By: minx3681
Trying to remind myself that this is a great cause and that pain is only temporary!!!
the thought of beer at Hampton is brilliant - will encourage my team mates to stop for refreshments.

So if you are near the Thames in the next 3 days - please come down and cheer us on!!


Posted: 18/10/2007 12:45:55
By: Claire
With the zero wind forecast should be good rowing weather.

Posted: 19/10/2007 12:02:12
By: .
Jolly boating weather?

Posted: 19/10/2007 13:53:41
By: ?
So how did you get on?

Posted: 22/10/2007 18:14:27
By: ?
It was perfect weather for rowing - but i think i will be sticking to sailing - sat on a bit of wood for 3 days is very unforgiving!!
we arrived ar Radley college on Friday to be told the river was on Red Board - from the heavy rain we had Tuesday!! this meant not even the guys who can row were out!!
we were told down stream was only a yellow so we hot footed it to Eton and rowed from there to Kingston - and it was a late finish with a near miss on a weir!!! With aches and pains and blisters, I was not loving it
Saturday was another fantastic day and we set off from Radley, stopping at Pangbourne on Sat night - only just in time for the rugby!! Next day saw us go from there, past Upper Thames SC and Cookham to finish at Eton about 7ish last night.
It was much harder than any of us ever thought it woudl be, but the scenery was awesome, the weather great and all my colleagues were absolute rockstars!!!
We are still collecting sponsorship money, so if you can donate please do!!!
all money raised goes directly to Sailability, enabling people with disabilities to experience the thrill and independence that sailing brings!

Posted: 22/10/2007 21:05:04
By: Claire
Well done Claire!! Excellent work. Want to hear all about it when I see you!!
LB x

Posted: 23/10/2007 09:25:10
By: Lucy


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