Topic : More winners in other fleets

Glad to see that Rob Wilder isn't letting the loss of the oft-winning 'Wild Card' affect his performance in the British Moth champs.

Keep the news coming in from Merlin sailors showing their stuff in other classes. We've already had quite a few mentioned on the forum over the summer...

Posted: 19/08/2007 23:26:09
By: Mags
first dinghy I ever sailed, british moth, the club had fly dinghies too(anyone remember?) and then acquired.............a merlin rocket!!!!!

I thought then it was the most beautiful craft on the water, and I haven't changed my view yet.

Posted: 20/08/2007 08:34:58
By: john
Pete and Marj Scott a creditable second at the Comet Trios in Exmouth,

Posted: 20/08/2007 11:49:36
By: deepy
Well done Barnsie on winning the B14 Nationals.  Must have been the preparation provided by doing the Merlin champs 2 weeks before!

Posted: 28/08/2007 11:54:21
By: deepy
Very hard and especially in the light winds against the lightweights. Yes the Merlin nationals helped us a lot as we ended up in traffic a few times and all bar once dug ourselves out. Very close racing though we featured at the front in most races. lost one on the line (race 2) as I decided we should not shut out the guys coming in on the new breeze but gybe on top of them at the pin. Sportsman like but nearly cost us the Champs as the race was a near dead heat and they were first as the boat coming through at speed.
hard partying at the Merlins and then the B14s, my body now needs lots of TLC.
See you all soon, possibly at the Topmast or if not that on the Winter Pursuit Circuit.
Bye for now

Posted: 28/08/2007 13:07:28
By: Barnsie
Can I believe my eyes?

John Bell currently lying 40th overall in the Topper Worlds Gold Fleet....

GGGGGGG Any comments?

Posted: 30/08/2007 16:55:04
By: The Old Trout

Posted: 30/08/2007 16:59:55
By: Blashemer
Don't be silly

40 GBR 45504 67 Bell, Suzannah F 1991 - A Hampton S.C. 22 29 20 16 58

after 2 days out of 173 entries, doing rather well, dad will be proud

Posted: 30/08/2007 21:25:46
By: Alan F
I dunno...  

J Bell is in 40th with a 1952 birthdate - sounds suspicious.

S. Bell is in 57th

O. Bell 55th in Silver Fleet

Charles Anderson 59th in Silver

Morgan B-P 69th Silver

D Bell - 75th Silver

A proper little Hampton Italian Job!

Posted: 30/08/2007 21:47:56
By: deepy
also James Warren 53rd in the Silver Fleet

Posted: 31/08/2007 08:40:26
By: willie
Comments on John in the Topper?  Well I did sign a release form for him to go, so I was aware of his potential desertion, what if he decides the Merlin doesn't need a crew??

It is all very worrying. Phil Dalby was also there - Jude in slightly nervous too, but we are seeking solace with each other.


Posted: 31/08/2007 08:50:38
By: Measurement Man
Some people just find it very hard to grow up!!!!!

Posted: 31/08/2007 09:27:37
By: Ever young at heart
Well done to John Bell on being first senior male at the Topper Worlds (36th overall)



Posted: 03/09/2007 08:00:09
By: Rich3681
And Richard Estaugh has won the Fireball Worlds with Messr Jeffcote and Mee in the top ten as well.

Posted: 03/09/2007 08:09:56
By: Blob


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