Topic : Another crew for the champs

Having just got back from making trouble for myself on the start lines of Salcombe (and for my wallet in the bars of course) I've decided not to take my own merlin to the nationals.  I do fancy a bit of crewing though.  If there's anyone in need just drop me an email.  If anyone saw my brother alex crew for Tosh at salcombe I'm similar in standard to him (maybe better but we'll see) if that gives you an idea of what I can do.


Posted: 15/07/2007 15:39:50
By: Gareth Jones (3446)

See the posts below re: Crew needed for the Champs Re: John Donahue & Richard Bramley. Failing that, see the list of people intending to go (with no confirmed crew) on the Nationals page.

Good Luck!

Posted: 16/07/2007 00:21:43
By: Martin Hughes


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