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After some info please!

Can anyone recommend a good campsite near or in Salcombe with GOOD facilities i.e. showers, power hook up etc? My kids want to go camping during summer hols, mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Thanks in advance.

Posted: 01/07/2007 19:14:36
By: Richard Battey
Try Higher Rew - I stayed there last year as do quite a few people for Merlin week and it was great. Juat take lots of 20p's for the showers!!!

Posted: 01/07/2007 21:53:08
By: Kelly
Quite agree, nice site and amenities, kept my van there for a few years

Posted: 02/07/2007 08:46:27
By: Rob-2601
There are 2 within a reasonable distance, have tried both in the past.  Higher Rew is far and away the best with good clean facilities and plenty of space 5 years ago and reported much the same now.  A fair distance away though, access by road via Malborough unless you have a tractor.  Langham (?) Farm is out beyond Batson and was pretty crummy in 1996, with prefab concrete buildings that had a distinct MoD flavour to them.

Posted: 02/07/2007 09:01:45
By: Andrew M
Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. Higher Rew Farm looks to be the one.


Posted: 02/07/2007 09:51:01
By: Richard Battey

Posted: 02/07/2007 10:39:52
By: Rob-2601
The Squires Family (who own and run Higher Rew) are Merlin and Yawl sailors !

Posted: 02/07/2007 10:52:08
By: OO
Higher Rew is the place; highly recommended.

Posted: 02/07/2007 11:21:32
By: Rod & Jo
I agree, Higher Rew.

Posted: 15/07/2007 11:25:27
By: bob petit (Salcombe Yacht Club)
Rwe is a good site,and probably the best around but it can be cold in the evening and is not the place to be if the sea fog hits.

Bolberry is not as good a site, but it is our choice over Rew. Bolberry is also only a mile from Hope Cove, we walk there.

Posted: 15/07/2007 18:07:20
By: Broz


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