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Due to change in circumstances and crew skiing injury, Cloud 9 is no longer being used and is now up for sale.  Great chance to buy this well known fast foam sandwich JT canterbury tales with brand new unused superspar carbon mast.  Centreboard just professionally faired, painted and polished – looks brand new and unused.  Deck professionally revarnished winter 2006/7.  Stunning boat, complete bargain at only £3850 ovno. (Based Southampton)
Brand new suit of P&Bs also available. For full details and photos, see the for sale section or contact me direct.

Posted: 25/06/2007 21:32:06
By: Mark
Photo now added.  More available....

Posted: 28/06/2007 19:39:41
By: Mark
How is Gabby? - anyone know?

Posted: 29/06/2007 11:12:27
By: Martin Hughes
Need a knee reconstruction Marty and my finger tumour has come back so it needs to be rebroken & grafted - needless to say I won't be sailing dinghys for a while but hope to see you all soon at Shoreham Open where they have me down for working behind the bar! :)

Posted: 30/06/2007 18:57:15
By: Gabby
Blimey - i'm sorry to hear that Gabs. Keep it up until Shoreham (I see you're putting your Mooserwirt training to good use!) & I'll buy you a drink. Cheers, M

PS Sellick - never far from alcohol ;-)

Posted: 02/07/2007 11:22:19
By: Martin Hughes
Well when you can't be out on the water what better place is there to be near :)

Posted: 02/07/2007 18:50:04
By: Gabby
Listening to Mozart eating Fois Gras drinking Montrachet.

Posted: 02/07/2007 19:06:25
By: Sohisticate
Did Mozart make more noise eating the foie gras or drinking the montrachet - and were either of the noises really worth listening to !!

Posted: 02/07/2007 20:26:07
By: whitstable pro
Cloud 9 is now sold.

Full suit of brand new 2007 P&B's still available including blue and white kite.

Posted: 03/07/2007 08:29:30
By: Mark
Any noise Mozart made would be preferable to 99% of the stuff poured out today however I do take your point. Punctuation point that is!

Posted: 04/07/2007 10:25:44
By: Sophisticate


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