Topic : foam sandwich anyone!

has anyone got any views about foam sandwich construction dinghys - circa 1999.

Posted: 25/06/2007 17:50:50
By: Broz
In merlins or in general

Posted: 25/06/2007 19:35:13
By: Chris
Generally you are talking about Turner CT's  which were V good, possibly some early winders he took the mould in 1999 all very successful,  some NSM2's (34xx) from same plug but different builders were a bit varied, those sponsored by Welsh Harp were OK.
Earlier NSM1's (3213 was the first)are Rowsells but could take on a bit of weight through Bilge there were some NSM2's (33xx) (Galactic Gnu was one)from Bob Hoare build ok but were not seen at the front of the fleet.

Posted: 26/06/2007 17:07:54
By: Rob-2601


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