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Was anybody else watching the 2nd race of the Americas Cup today? Soon after the start 'Alinghi' was sailing slightly faster and pointing higher on starboard than 'Emirates Team New Zealand'which had started ahead and to windward of her. NZ couldn't hold their position and were forced to tack away. End of story? NZ hung onto 'Alinghi's coat tails until two thirds of the way up the second beat they were on port tack and closer to the Swiss than hitherto. 'Alinghi' was approaching on starboard. NZ bore away to increase speed and perhaps to mislead the Swiss who tacked too far to leeward of NZ. The New Zealanders simultaneously hardened up and with their added speed and extra distance to windward of the Swiss they was soon in front. That was the end of the story.

This was the first time the 'Alinghi' team had been beaten in an Americas Cup race.

Posted: 24/06/2007 22:09:03
By: Robert Harris.


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