Topic : Pwllheli 2007 National Championships ENTRIES REMINDER!!!

Just a reminder to get your entry in for the Nationals pronto. Of course we accept entries up to the day before the Champs actually start, but get your entry in BEFORE JULY 1ST and you'll save £30 - that's a pair of dinghy boots or quite a few pints in the Pwllheli SC bar.....

Details, Entry Forms etc. can be found on the Nationals page of the website

Posted: 21/06/2007 18:16:32
By: Martin Hughes
Old boats needed to keep me company.

3379 Formidable Challenge

Posted: 24/06/2007 12:03:04

Posted: 24/06/2007 21:20:46
By: Mags
7 days left to excercise some fiscal rectitude & save £30!!!

Posted: 25/06/2007 12:43:35
By: Martin Hughes
52 boats on the list so far! That is good as it is still only June and some of the 'main men' aren’t on the list yet.
Interesting that there are 10 boats that qualify for the 'Prime of Life' or 'Mature' categories already!

Posted: 26/06/2007 09:21:30
By: Magazine Editor
55 now feel a bumper entry this year , might come for a walk if any of you dogs are up for it

Posted: 26/06/2007 21:38:20
By: megan
I'll be there, with my new adopted sister Roxy! Beware.

Posted: 26/06/2007 22:53:20
By: Zak
hi zak have you got a place where us human walkers can stay

Posted: 27/06/2007 08:09:10
By: megan
still a few days left to get those discounted entries in post haste! - but time is running out quickly...

Posted: 27/06/2007 09:20:24
By: Martin Hughes

Posted: 27/06/2007 11:16:49
By: Dudley
its great the postman is so leaden with entry forms he cant run or hide

some of the entries forms might have a few teeth marks in them now

going over the big 60 today , if my dog memory is right we were only at 40 this time last year

Posted: 27/06/2007 11:41:43
By: megan
Hey Roxy a Fox? Bet she is.....

Posted: 27/06/2007 12:35:13
By: Dudley
folks - rather than confirm receipt of your Nationals entries by snail mail we'll pop you on the 'intending to go list'in the Nationals Section of the website. If you've posted your entry form & cheque and your name hasn't appeared on the list after a few days, then let me know by email/phone etc. 

Keep those entries rolling in...

Posted: 28/06/2007 09:36:26
By: Martin Hughes
Grant an extension due to next weeks postal strike!

Posted: 28/06/2007 10:36:59
By: Suggestion
Or enter by e-mail.

Posted: 28/06/2007 10:45:24
By: Another Suggestion
Posted off my entry this morning, but just heard about the postal strike on the news (it's a sheltered world I live in!)  Will I have to post the extra 30 quid?

Posted: 29/06/2007 13:49:46
By: Hugh M
Notice Pat Blake has entered twice! Perhaps he'll let you have his spare entry at a discount?

Posted: 29/06/2007 15:01:39
By: Auditor
Is Mr King going to be there after his sail in the 'new' boat and his interview in Y n Y.

Posted: 29/06/2007 15:08:15
By: Rob-2601
thats ok hugh, im the treasurers dog by the way

Posted: 29/06/2007 15:34:02
By: megan
one of the Blake entries is Simon...

we'll tidy the list up shortly with some interesting corrections...

The lawyers are still in discussions with Mr King's agents...

Keep those entries rolling in.....

Posted: 29/06/2007 16:33:33
By: Martin Hughes
Now Mr King has shown to do it in an older frame, how about older boats coming down to the Nats?

Posted: 29/06/2007 18:28:58
keep em rolling in 70 as of today

Posted: 03/07/2007 10:34:09
By: megan
Website list has now been tidied up - should be accurate. 71 entries is looking cracking! 

Our position in the top 10 of UK champs attendance is fairly guaranteed! There is still time to beat the 85 boats from 2005...I guess accomodation will be the issue holding back late entries!

Posted: 04/07/2007 15:26:41
By: Mags
cheers Mags (Merlins - What a Class?!)

to Helms - let us know your crew's name asap - for the t-shirt

Posted: 04/07/2007 15:39:52
By: Martin Hughes
Seems i'm sailing two boats - that's a challenge!!

Posted: 04/07/2007 23:14:40
By: Chris M


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