For all Merlin sailors who are coming over this weekend. Please make your way rom the harbour to Gorey. Follow the signs to The East / Gorey. If you open the link below and on the map of Jersey click on Number 48. You will see a map of Gorey and in the middle there is a Slip. Leave the boats to the North of the slip  near the seawall. It is Neaps so hey will not get washed away!. I believe everyone is meeting in The Dolphin  which is on the Pier under the Castle for a drink or two. We have a feeder race from St Catherines SC and should be coming ashore about 8.30 See you all soon. Rhys

Posted: 19/06/2007 21:53:56
By: Rhys Perkins
Any problems send me an e mail or give us a ring on 01534855780 or 07797737680

Posted: 19/06/2007 21:56:22
By: Rhys Perkins

See you in the Dolphin, I'm flying in and land at nine. Rachel is picking me up.
Can't wait.

Posted: 19/06/2007 23:47:54
By: Hywel jnr
Hi Hywel Do you know if Rachel would like to come racing on our A35 on Saturday? I am planning picking up the 'Girls' from the Gorey Pier after our race around. Unles anyone wants to come on the race we leave St Helier at 8.00hrs so should be at Gorey by about 10

Posted: 20/06/2007 19:12:15
By: Rhys
She said she would love to.
She doesn't have any yachty kit though and doen't have the begining of a clue what to do but if you are happy to have her along as balast she would be delighted.
See you on Friday.

Posted: 20/06/2007 23:20:54
By: Hywel jnr


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