Topic : Lift to weymouth

Was wondering if anyone was passing by Birmigham on their way down to weymouth, on either saturday night or sunday morning?

Posted: 10/06/2007 16:23:41
By: Holly Scott
bump - from father who will have to take her if no lift found!!

Posted: 12/06/2007 08:53:33
By: Scotty
Hi Scotty - Jeremy is travelling from Reading on Sunday morning - if you can get H to there on Saturday we should be able to complete the trip for her.

Doesn't solve Sunday evening; we can get her back to say Chievely if that helps? unless someone is going all the way back.

Let me know if you want to develop the scheme.

Love to Marj etc


Posted: 13/06/2007 10:51:54
By: Measurement Man
Thank you for the offer but we are now (just!) sorted - Richard Dee is bringing her down and I suppose bringing her back!!
Hopefully see you for a glass as am giving Salcombe a 'glancing blow'!!

Posted: 13/06/2007 12:44:41
By: Scotty


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