Topic : Boat insurance??

£92.36 for me old bateau with chipstow mast?? Good or not?? Cheers Peeps AAAAALLLLEEEZZZZZ!! With Bishop Skinner??

Posted: 27/03/2007 01:19:06
Sounds right

Posted: 27/03/2007 13:52:32
By: Alan F
think i paid 68 quid for batmans 1018 last year, havent insured 2986 yet as she is still under construction.

Posted: 27/03/2007 17:26:29
By: Shane 2986
i was quoted £750 for loosed cannon (is that how you spell it) but then I did break my RS800 quite a bit and got through several Lark masts. Managed to negotiate a bit and get it a bit more reasonable but has anyone ever beaten that for an insurance quote?

Posted: 27/03/2007 18:00:42
By: Mark Ampleford
Hi - could you tell me who you are getting those quotes from? I have just bought a Rocket and dont know who is the best to start looking at?


Posted: 19/06/2007 08:33:21
By: Dan Howe
Bishop Skinner - the Merlin specialists!

Posted: 19/06/2007 12:36:55
By: Pat2121
+1 for Bishop Skinner

£103pa for Merlin and gear (£1600 all in), Mirror AND outboard (£500 all in). Outboard is for the mirror of course.

Posted: 19/06/2007 14:50:33
By: JohnB (3404)
I just insured 'Pooh' for £55!

Posted: 19/06/2007 16:37:21
By: Rachel
Shes a Cracker costs me £155 so not bad Guy! Does that mean you are actually going to sail it?!

Posted: 19/06/2007 21:46:40
By: Jez3550
third party only on a merlin, £42 with noble marine. Its group 5 apparently rated by how much damage you can potentially do? :-)

Posted: 20/06/2007 07:34:55
By: phil


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