Topic : Stackable trailers good or bad??

Maybe i will stick with a single trailer.

Posted: 08/03/2007 10:37:26
By: Ouch
Considering they had named their fireflys "Cougar" and "Viper" it might have been a mercy-killing.

Posted: 08/03/2007 23:21:08
By: Hmmm...
Dear mr Noble marine, please help !!!

Posted: 09/03/2007 00:04:42
By: .
don't suppose mr noble would see the funny side of calling the other one "jester" then?

Posted: 09/03/2007 08:13:49
By: john
If this happened to me with either Gannet or Secret Water, even with fully comprehensive cover from Bishop Skinner I don't think I would be looking as happy with the thumbs up as these guys were.

Posted: 09/03/2007 08:36:24
By: Garry R
We're not trailing them round on a rather flimsy looking triple stacker that was probably built for lighter boats AND we own the boats ourselves. 
I compared the various photos with our double which is incredibly heavy and solid - I think it was designed for two wayfarers - and the steel sections were much smaller.

Posted: 09/03/2007 13:34:35
By: Pat2121
Triple stacker and a smart landrover?  They don't know they're born.  I can remember dragging two Fireflies all the way from Durham to the Caledonian Canal balanced on one pram wheel behind a dormobile with no seats, and virtually no engine.  And we then portaged past every lock so as not to have to pay the canal dues.  And you try telling that to students today and they wouldn't believe you.

Posted: 09/03/2007 14:42:31
By: Bill
LUXURY!!!!!  And I expect you licked the barnacles off the hull between races until your tongue was blistered.

Posted: 09/03/2007 14:52:05
By: Garry R
...I don't believe you

Posted: 09/03/2007 14:52:29
By: : )

Posted: 09/03/2007 14:53:39
By: Dudley


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