Topic : Great stand at the show!

Hi all, just wanted to say that I thought the Merlin stand looked fabulous at the Dinghy Show (especially Uncles Richards boat - she looked beautiful!)

I spent the day going round all the Class Association stands trying to promote the Women's Dinghy Champs and I honestly felt that the Merlin stand was the best - good mix of old, new, fun and frolicks! And I may be slightly biased but you were the friendliest bunch too!!

Well done to the organisers and all involved!!

Posted: 05/03/2007 09:55:29
By: Lucy
Thanks to everybody who helped out on the stand.  create, organise, Build up, present, breakdown.

great job.


Posted: 05/03/2007 10:13:48
Yeps, you all did a good job. We have a few more calenders left of Tenby - some pics of the Merlins in, think Steve had at least one so if he knows who is in the pics, I might be able to grab a few more.

Posted: 05/03/2007 11:02:55
By: Rhi
Anyone take any photos?

Posted: 05/03/2007 17:25:31
By: Mark
Awesome stand, pics photos and of course the exhibitors?? MMM is that why I borrowed Philly Factors pass to blag the after show party?? Spitfire plenty?? The Bush was not to be so joined Porkins, Douch and Garage in central London (mistake) or not?? memories of Blues, Humour - the comedy club? Filthy wonderful? And home on the night bus? I am forty years old why do I still do this stuff?? Cos I can and the youngsters always lead me astray???  NOT!!! CCCHHEEEEERRRRSSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 06/03/2007 01:08:11
Oddly enough I had never been to the show before, and found it to be full of the most dull dinghies ever - row on row of the same mass-produced rubbish.

Thankfully a few boats remained worth seeing - Merlin (obviously), FD, 505 (all 3 had lots of string), plus the Canoe, Contender and Moth. I may have forgotton someone, but the sheer number of BOOOOOORING laser/rs/ovi boats dulled my senses.

Folks, we have made the right choice. Here's to another 61 years...

Posted: 06/03/2007 21:58:28
By: Mags

I'm glad you said that. The first and last time I went to the show was in 2000 I believe when Glen Truswells old boat After Hours was on the stand along with 3594 or 98. Apart from the MR's, 14's and admittedly some beautiful wood solos the majority of exhibits where all very dull and repetitive. Plastic, plastic and more plastic! The P*** Up in the evening was good though!

Posted: 07/03/2007 09:04:58
By: Richard Battey
We've been for the past few years and get round less and less of it as we get to know more and more people! Then there's the shopping for new kit for the season and the talks...

Agree there's too much tupperware but the beauty of Ally Pally as opposed to other shows is that many stands are run by the class associations with real sailors and even when the boat is plastic, their enthusiasm is not!

It is the manufacturers' stands that are soulless and the RYA exhibits. More encouragement and keeping the costs down for classes will bring in the beautiful boats. Most classes can only afford to show the newest.

Posted: 07/03/2007 13:06:11
By: Pat2121


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