Topic : Carbon Offcut

Some how my winder tiller broke today. The advice I have been given is to fit a bit of tube inside.

To do this, I am looking for some 32mm o/d carbon tube, 100mm long would be enough.

I have searched the internet and I am not having much luck finding a supplier:-

Any one either know of a supplier or have an off cut, please let me know.

Posted: 04/03/2007 16:27:38
By: Alan F
Alan,  ring P&B.  They usually have stacks from making spinnaker poles from full lengths.

Posted: 04/03/2007 17:47:01
By: Jon
Try they don't have 32mm listed but may be able to point you in the right direction.

Posted: 05/03/2007 09:20:09
By: Nigel 3280
Try your local fishing tackle shop and ask if they have got any broken sections of carbon poles.

Posted: 05/03/2007 11:35:27
By: RichardT

I am sure I have a piece of 32mm dia carbon in the good olde shed somewhere. Can't guarantee it as I had a clear out recently but will have a look tonite. If I find anything you are more than welcome to it.



Posted: 05/03/2007 11:47:46
By: Richard Battey
Rooster have offcuts and lengths of carbon tube that they use to fix their carbon tillers/extensions when they break - give Ande a call on 01243 389997

Posted: 05/03/2007 12:03:10
By: Rachel
Alan, I'll put a bit in the post for you. Just sent a bit out to second handman actually...
As you sure you need 32mmOD? That usually the size of the tiller itself...



Posted: 05/03/2007 13:21:34
By: Blackie

The Tiller, at least on my winder stock, is tapered!

I measured it several times, including making an impression from both sides of the break, and the I/D is 31.5 mm (by eye).

The advise GGGGG gave me was to cut a slot in some tube, in effect to create a 'spring' that would wedge internally to the brak and glue that in place. It sound a decent plan and given the dimensions 32mm sounds just about right.

Posted: 05/03/2007 16:00:07
By: Alan F
Run your spell checker over that page Alan.

Posted: 06/03/2007 18:53:46
By: Jon
Come on Mags, been asking for a smell cheker for yaers

Posted: 06/03/2007 20:10:19
By: Alan F
p.s. never ever contemplate TalkTalk

they have now instructed debt collectors! see e-mail

Dear Mr Fuller

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that due to the problems that you have experienced, you will not incur a cancellation fee.

If you are invoiced for this, please contact me directly on 01925 551324.

Kind regards,

Sue Robinson

Posted: 06/03/2007 20:12:23
By: Alan F
Shame I didn't know how bad the TalkTalk service was in January when I signed up!

Posted: 06/03/2007 21:04:06
By: Jon S
Have they connected you yet?

Posted: 06/03/2007 22:18:07
By: Alan F
Connected but failed to send the wireless modem which when i did get it, it was not on their list of supported modems! They kept moving the connection date, can't get caller display working, and their helpdesk is c***, with apparently no escalation process. Not impressed but I have not got the time or energy to fight them anymore to change to someone decent.

Posted: 07/03/2007 09:43:02
By: Jon S
Probably not the place to discuss TalkTalk, but Jon, is your broadband connected? What speed do you get? When I eventually managed to connect, I could get 2 or 4 meg for about 5 minutes, then dropping to 150k then in peak periods nothing!! Completely unusable rubbish.

Caller display never worked, despite them charging for it.

When I switched bm local loop back to BT and used Tiscali, the same Modem/Router setting immediately worked and has never had a problem for the 2 months I have been up.

Despite actually asking for a closing bill, they never sent me one, nor contacted me asking for the small change I owed them. That is until they passed it on to a debt collector.

Don't forget Carphone Warehouse own
- TalkTalk
- One-Tel

Real shame, because Carphone Warehouse used to be the absolute best for customer service.

Posted: 07/03/2007 12:27:39
By: Alan F
Orange has gone the same way.

Posted: 07/03/2007 23:20:58
By: Jon
I reckon all the crap with ADSL is due to the fact that not many people are investing in beefing up the ADSL infrastructure as BT will have "21CN" in by 2010.  This means massively fast broadband all over the country delivered mainly by running optical fibre to the cabinets on the street making the ADSL from the exchange redundant.  I hear 75% of their CapEx is going on this.  Essentially the profit to be made from reselling BT broadband is far too tight to pay for decent customer service and I'm afraid that if you pay 14.99 per month peanuts you're going to get monkeys!

If you want to pay for a reasonable service you could try Demon who are pretty good in all respects but I pay 25 quid a month for unmetered access. I have had to wait a while for support/customer serice on occasions but ultimately get through to a well informed person in India who is always helpful. It's also now law for your telco to give you a migration code so if you actually manage to get through to them it should be seamless.

Posted: 07/03/2007 23:29:28
By: Jon


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