Topic : Mast in a container

Hum believe it or not trying to ship 2 GP 14s to Greece in a container

Question is will the masts fit ?

the diagonal of the container is 6.78 metres

We thought maybe we could bend them in a bit but the transit is about 12 days and not sure if this will permanently damage them, any thoughts for a rainy day

Posted: 22/02/2007 12:25:10
By: Megan
is that the diagonal fom top to bottom?

Posted: 22/02/2007 12:40:24
By: ?
Best people to ask will be speeds, they have shipped GP14 around the world.

Posted: 22/02/2007 12:42:03
By: Chris M
yes top to bottom  diagonally

a mite tight methinks

Posted: 22/02/2007 13:18:59
By: Megan
question is if you put the mast top to bottom diagonaly in the container where are both the boats going to go, cause i doubt you will fit them in around the masts.

Posted: 22/02/2007 13:31:04
By: Adam
Cost may be an issue but you can get a longer container.

Posted: 22/02/2007 13:53:48
By: Ancient Geek
If its that tight, why not take mast foot plug and top halliard pulley fitting off the mast, probably worth 50-60mm?

Posted: 22/02/2007 14:16:26
By: its all in the length
Silly me of course you can get a bigger one. A 40' Container is 39'5&13.16" long inside and 7'8&1/2" X 7' 81/2" wide and high (Inside.)A good shipping Line (Maersk for instance.) would possibly be sympathetic if its for amateur competition, if it's commercial then there is a price.

Posted: 22/02/2007 14:17:51
By: Ancient Geek
See the thread on carbon masts, they have a ready-to-go solution

Posted: 22/02/2007 15:58:30
By: Rod & Jo
"We thought maybe we could bend them in a bit"

Stupid dog.......

Posted: 22/02/2007 16:11:21
By: Felix the Cat
gee thanks for all that excellent input 

im sure i heard about th ehornet world champs in oz where they cut their masts in half then put a sheeve on but cant believe you hve the same mast after that

the top and bottom fittings mightbe all we need

Posted: 22/02/2007 16:11:22
By: Megan
In a 20' container corner to corner I make it 6.76m. Lower edge of upper black band above heel is 6.756 which we must add a bit for the part above so I'd say it probably woudn't fit but sliding the two hulls in would be difficult.

Ian Platt sent some to USA once. Richard Eastaugh should know his e-mail.

Posted: 22/02/2007 20:33:53
By: Nigel 3280
no is the simple answer wont fit, however the gp class association have ex sailors working at shipping companies in the midlands there office is in crewe, as we ship furniture about sometimes we can get a part container deal so a shipping company can buy space in a part full container at 40 ft

Posted: 23/02/2007 09:07:51
By: big boy
You could save yourself trouble, and stuff it in double but the 40 foot container is the way to go if it's a return trip you could get a car in too!

Posted: 23/02/2007 10:12:43
By: .
its a one way tickets for these babies, think i would rather sail a Merlin on the Med,im hoping taking of th emast step will do the trick

Posted: 23/02/2007 10:51:30
By: Megan

Posted: 23/02/2007 13:25:14

Posted: 23/02/2007 18:34:31
guess you could take them out in lake Garda on the way maybe that would get them planning

Posted: 23/02/2007 18:46:31
By: Megan
Rather than using a container, why not put the GP's in a skip and buy a good Merlin.

Posted: 23/02/2007 19:03:00
By: Rocket0_1


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