Topic : ebay again

Boat for sale

Posted: 16/02/2007 14:17:45
By: hamish3321
That's been on the for sale pages - looks a nice and well sorted boat. 

Come on someone, join the Vintage fleet!!

Posted: 16/02/2007 18:06:09
By: Pat 2121
Excellent boat which has embarressed a few of the more modern ones on the right day.  Won the Vintage Open at Banbury in 2005 and has always done well in the Vintage events.

Posted: 16/02/2007 18:18:55
By: RichardT
In one pic she is leading what I suspect to be Ben Marshall's September Girl - perhaps 2 SGs racing in vintage events later this year may redress that.

Posted: 16/02/2007 22:09:21
By: Peter 2789
Yes, nice boat and she is on the second hand list for about £750. But she didn't win in 2006 though!

Posted: 16/02/2007 22:10:55
By: Ben 2529
Correct observation - very sharp eyed !

Posted: 16/02/2007 22:12:34
By: Ben 2529
Another photo!

Posted: 16/02/2007 22:14:44
By: Jon
Nice bargain for someone ! Busy Bee looks a cracker !

Posted: 19/02/2007 19:26:41
By: JohnB (3404)


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