Topic : JOB VACANCY Y&Y Advertising Representative

Wasn't someone wanting a job in Yachting recently? Yachts and Yachting are looking for a Sales person (Advertising.) Company Car etc., etc., it's in the Keelboat bit of
Good luck whoever you were!

Posted: 25/08/2006 15:42:11
By: Ancient Geek
If anyone feels inclined to join me at Y&Y, we need a Picture Editor or an Editorial Assistant...

Posted: 15/03/2007 14:46:03
By: Mags
Does that mean I could work from home, give up being a bean counter and spend endless summer in a RIB taking yachting snaps? If yes CV on it's way although dont know much about Photoshop but could advise Y&Y on the cost of a pile cap!

Posted: 15/03/2007 15:14:29
By: Richard Battey
.....and that's not a medical condition before the jokes start rolling in!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 15/03/2007 15:15:23
By: Richard Battey
Worth a try...they employed me after all!

Posted: 15/03/2007 15:35:19
By: Mags


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