Topic : Crew required Merlin Nationals

Hi Folks
Thought I was sorted with a crew for the nationals but a hitch has occured and now require a crew for a fast Merlin. Looking for someone between 9 - 11 stone and who knows the front end well.
Await replies with interest.
Bye for now

Posted: 27/07/2006 17:28:38
By: Barnsie
You're looking to help someone else with a crew for a fast boat then?

Posted: 27/07/2006 19:38:46
By: windup
Bring your own ear plugs ? LOL

Posted: 28/07/2006 11:04:09
By: Sue Denim
Crew now sorted minus ear plugs but we will be arriving with pistols!!

Posted: 28/07/2006 17:23:11
By: Barnsie
Pistol Dawn then?

Posted: 28/07/2006 20:03:14
By: AG
love to nominate myself,a tad over desired weight,dodgy foot and deaf.The only thing we would probably win would be the beer leg,what about it?!!

Posted: 28/07/2006 22:00:13
By: little brother
Ever tried a colour blind crew in these days of multiple coloured strings? "pull the red one!"

Posted: 28/07/2006 22:18:47
By: AG
That was Mervyn's excuse for going the wrong way around the mark at Minima!

Posted: 28/07/2006 22:36:07
By: Pat 2121
nice one mark ....good result not even considering 3579 is an old boat and you were still looking for front end 3 weeks before the event ! WTG :)

Posted: 12/08/2006 15:43:28
By: dreamon


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