Topic : Dog Sitter Tenby

Was looking for a dog lover to tend Megan ( English pointer) while i am out sailing at Tenby

She is er well quite well behaved and is particularly partial to getting her ear scratched

chicken fillets and a lot of TLC

Posted: 24/07/2006 06:44:36
By: Col B
Are the chicken fillets and tlc for Megan or the person who looks after her???

Posted: 24/07/2006 20:37:33
By: Blackie
I had a couple of different sitters whilst my mum and dad were sailing at salcombe..AnneMarie, Glen and Ben were great fun, and Lesley, Phil, Keith and Moira were great for conversation and "quality relaxation". I would recomend getting sitters, mum and dad always seemed grumpy after sailing, but cheered up after going to the yacht club...

Posted: 24/07/2006 22:17:50
By: Dudley
ok well hope i come across a kind person to do this otherwise its staying on shore telling old sailing yarns to some salty seadogs in downtown Tenby

come to think of it maybe not so bad

Megans not too interested in politics and stuff like that , prefers playing with her toys ( fifa football and dog with one eye) and running with her chums

Can you take dogs on Tenby beach ? guess there arent too many rabbits

Posted: 25/07/2006 07:17:21
By: Col B
My owners are coming to Tenby to. I hope I can run on the beach too. I hope that Dylan doesn't pee on me again!

Posted: 25/07/2006 08:05:58
By: Zak
not sure what a cross between Dylan and Megan would look like, sounds like a good week for our doggy friends though

i think cathy burton said she would walk them at 5am each morning if i wasnt mistaken

will geta sign on for Megan on email so she can talk to you and make arrangments

Posted: 25/07/2006 08:42:41
By: Col B
I hope they dont win the tongs!!!!

Posted: 25/07/2006 09:02:38
By: The Judge
the tongs ????

Maybe she can point at Crabs as there will be no wabbits

Posted: 25/07/2006 09:22:18
By: Col B
Hiya Zak, how's tricks? Really rubbish how my dad wont let us play together just cos I bark too much innit? 

Do you like gravy bones?

Posted: 25/07/2006 12:28:39
By: Dudley
I like postmans legs , leather balls and chasing butterflies and cats ( wouldnt kill them though)

Posted: 25/07/2006 16:33:19
By: Col B
But what does Megan like?


Posted: 25/07/2006 16:35:44
By: Zak
Mmmmm - leather balls - I always had a hankering for a Hell's Pointer!

Posted: 26/07/2006 09:11:55
By: Megan
Boys and Girls...they tell me that Hampton have banned dogs....could be time for a Sit In....what do you think?

Posted: 27/07/2006 05:26:09
By: Dudley
think we need a dogs rep on the committee im not even allowed to stay in my flat

Posted: 27/07/2006 07:54:35
By: Megan
I can compile a list of ratings for dog friendliness of Silver Tiller Clubs.

Posted: 27/07/2006 10:35:02
By: Zak
Dogs must stay at Hampton, wouldn't be the same without them.

Posted: 27/07/2006 11:54:18
By: The Minx
The bar man of the "White Horse" at Upton Dyke on the Northern Norfolk Broads, who crew on one of The River Cruiser Racers, has a good way round the NO DOGS rule at the Norfolk Borads Yacht Club on Wroxham Broad he simply dons a pair of dark glases and carries a white stick ashore! So far all is ok!

Posted: 27/07/2006 12:33:21
By: Doggy Person
Don't tell us - he then mans the Video cameras on the start line!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted: 27/07/2006 12:50:39
By: Blind Pugh
help wot am i to do need a place were i can stay at tenby

im no trouble and wag my tail when you get in

Posted: 27/07/2006 13:40:54
By: Megan
The River Cruiser Class is a "Gentlemans Class" that is to say they pay scant attention to any racing rules! The basic rule being the bigger and heavier the more they are in the right! Though quite a few should be tipped the black spot!

Posted: 27/07/2006 13:44:03
By: Doggy Person
I think that those mean people at Hampton would really like me if they met me...I 've got lots of spots...

...Hi to eveyone I met at Salcombe, those Oakley Shades taste great!!

Posted: 27/07/2006 22:01:14
By: Dudley
could we have a woof forum

Posted: 28/07/2006 07:49:18
By: Megan
I would certainly second Dudley as an Honorary member of Hampton, he could be in charge of removing weed from boats. He seemed to enjoy eating the seaweed on Mill Bay.

Posted: 28/07/2006 08:53:26
By: The Minx
You could set up a Dog Creche and call it "Stalag Woof"! £5.00 a day per hound, it'd give a non- sailor some pin money.

Posted: 28/07/2006 11:53:51
By: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
MROA now renamed Muttley and Retrievers Owners Association and (as a matter of interest) is it Crufts or Tenby who are hosting  the Nationals?)

Posted: 28/07/2006 11:59:47
By: Barbara Woodhouse
Crufts is always very well run, and i'm sure Tenby will be too. How about an obedience class or two for the fleet?

Posted: 28/07/2006 12:36:39
By: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
if I can get time off work I  might be down watching the Nationals on the 6th and 7th so would escort a few mutts around if necessary

Posted: 28/07/2006 13:22:31
By: The Minx
Mutt? I don't that you understand who you are dealing with...

Posted: 28/07/2006 13:32:07
By: Dudley
I am well aware of dudley's pedigree breeding, he is BEAUTIFUL.....!!

Posted: 28/07/2006 13:34:18
By: The Minx
remember im a lady

i like GSOH and impecable manners particularly when eating with me.

Posted: 28/07/2006 20:31:08
By: Megan
Would you like to share a Gravy Bone?

Posted: 30/07/2006 17:41:30
By: Dudley
yum you know the  way to a ladies heart

just as long as you dont slavour

Posted: 30/07/2006 21:05:26
By: Megan
...bow wow!

Posted: 30/07/2006 22:06:07
By: Dudley

Moving to Tenby in 2 week, need someone to take my little dog in, until i find a house, will only be for a few week.

I am staying with my sister until iget a home, and she has a cat.

Please if anyone can take my dog into their home for a few weeks i would be so happy

Posted: 17/08/2006 21:36:59


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