Topic : Sailors beware

I saw your ads posted which am really interested in
purchasing from you.Kindly get back to me these
details as soon as possible.

1)The present condition.
2)Exact Price
3)Send picture
4)Pickup arrangement though i've a reliable shipper
who use to take care of my shipment that can come for
the pickup.
5)Payment by cheque will be fine for me.

Some of the details are at the posting,just need you
to hear from you again.
Benton Stockham
[email protected]

Posted: 20/07/2006 09:59:40
By: Not conned
will have to inform you that i am okay with the price of  the National Champion 2000, s(£6100)condtion terms are also okay with me,For the Shippment from your location,i have my SHIPPER as soon as we seal this Transaction from your end.   

I have a CLIENT of my that is owning me some Fund in United Kingdom that will issue you the cheque of (£10000) soon as you receive the cheque and when cleared from the bank, you will deduct the cost of the National Champion 2000 and the remaining balance will be send to the Shipper through western union money transfer for the pick up from yourlocation.

If this is okay by you, do e-mail me the following detail


Benton Stockham....
NB:- I will wait for the cheque to clear before the pick up. I will compensate you with £50 for you to remove the advert from the site

Posted: 20/07/2006 10:00:35
By: Not conned
I am intrested in buying your (Centreboard),pls kindly get back to
with the details and terms of payment,i will make proper arrangement
pick up.
Best Regard,

Posted: 20/07/2006 10:03:27
By: Not conned
Thanks for your enquiry.

I guess seeing as you are picking it up, cash is quality!
A new one costs around £400so £100 seems reasonable to me.

Posted: 20/07/2006 10:03:45
By: Not conned
Thanks for the mail,
I really appreciated your mail regarding my request,and way i would
love to make payment in cash but i have to go on business trip so i
made a proper arrangement with my personal assistance to issue out a
certified cheque drawn from the uk bank for the payment of
(Centreboard),which i believe that will be okay for both of us base on
and i shall wait for the clearance of the cheque before pick up the
(Centreboard),for the amount i will like my own offer goes like this
for the it,if that is okay by you kindly furnish me with the neccesaary
details like your name and address,that will be on the cheque and your
numbers.Myregards to the family.

Posted: 20/07/2006 10:04:26
By: Not conned
I assume all internet users these days know to run a mile at the words "western union money transfer"?

Posted: 20/07/2006 10:34:34
By: Mags
That Benton Twat tried the same scam with me when i was selling my Merlin, i think he must think merlin vendors are either dumb or desperate to sell.  I reported him to yahoo who obviously dont care abou internet fraudsters using their e-mail accounts

Posted: 20/07/2006 21:45:49
By: RussHopkins
Alfred.g is the one who tried it on with me.Sad.

Posted: 20/07/2006 22:32:49
By: Ben 3634
Check this one out.

Posted: 21/07/2006 22:27:01
By: GT
Same old crap now coming from one Dave Martin, ostensibly from a yahoo(france) email address.
I traced it to a dodgy secondhand car dealership called auto2 in Hungary.
Another member of Whitstable fleet got this one as well.

Posted: 23/07/2006 15:52:25
By: Mike Fitzpatrick
Just in case you don't know how this scam works.

You get the cheque and you wait til you think it is cleared and you see the money safe in your account. You then send the change (be it £4000 or £100) to the 'shipper'.

Then a while later, maybe weeks, your bank notifies you that the cheque is forged or stolen and cancels it. You lose out whatever you sent.

But at least you still have your boat/c-board as they never get picked up.

The moral of the story is the cleared balance in your account isn't actually yours if it is stolen from some one else in the first place.

Generally, if you can have as little to do with cheques as possible, then this fraud can be tightened up.

Interestingly cheque fraud has grown due to chip & pin making credit card fraud more difficult.

Posted: 23/07/2006 17:42:22
By: Alan F
how are you doing today,your family and work??? dont be
surprise about this email my name is Helen Alexander a citizen of
south africa 35 years of age,trader,i am a daughter of late Pastor
DAVID ALEXANDER. i am here seeking for your assistance about my
late fathers consignment with a security company in
London-England.This my father want to relocate to England before
his dealth and he try to make a transfer of some fund with this
security company in a diplomatic way just bcs of terrorist here in
africa and the consignment is now in London with the security
The lawyer to my late father was the person incharge of the
transfer with all the original documents of the consignment but he
now explain to us how we can make a move about the collection of
the consignment in London as a next of kin,most reason why i needed
your urgent assistance is that the lawyer explain to me that the
easiest way for me to get the consignment from them is to have a
trust wording in England as my beneficiary that can go for the
consignment since i am not in the position to be in London then you
can get the fund save for us till when we will get over there to
establish the money for a good plz i will be glad if
you can assist me on this deal just plz get back to me if you
can,so that i can give you this our daddys lawyer information to
contact him on our behalf as our beneficiary in England for more
details and also i will give you the security company contact
details in London for you to also contact them on our behalf as our
beneficiary then we can disclose the amount of the fund to you
while we will also discuss about the percentage that we are
offering you out of the fund as your compesation,plz be bless and
get back to me as soon as possible.

Posted: 24/07/2006 11:05:51
By: The Vicar Card
This is the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scam.

This is far more dangerous, as it involves hooking you with small fees to facilitate the transfer, eventually through 'bribes' to officials, may end up with a trip abroad where you may be kidnapped by false officials.

People can and do lose £100's of thousands.

Posted: 24/07/2006 13:25:36
By: Alan F
Had the sales scammers when selling my old Lark. Isn't the silence deafening when you reply tersely "Strictly cash only. Buyer collects"!

Posted: 24/07/2006 13:36:56
By: PJ
These have been going for years.  First aerogrammes then faxes and now emails.  We get four or five a year at my office.  Bin as soon as seen.  Police can't do anything and the sending country certainly can't as they are more than likely in on the scam.  Why anyone gives their bank details out to these obvious scmmmers beats me.  Some must as they wouldn't have gone on for so long.  The last boat I sold was parked outside my house and went for cash.  You just can't beat the dirty old lucre!

Posted: 24/07/2006 19:25:43
By: MR578
Some people are fighting back.
Have a look (rather clever tricks sometimes).

Posted: 25/07/2006 13:54:38
By: 3261


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