Topic : desperate to get to salcombe

if we can sort everything out i'll be crewing for James Fox at salcombe

realise the questions been asked already but:

can anyone help us or point us in the direction of a new/competitive boat to charter for salcombe. In an attempt to re-asure people we're not numpties! James has a creditable sailing history in many different dinghys/yachts and I have sailed various Merlins with my brother Joe (3566) for the last ten years and crewed for Rob Wilder (3656) for the last two seasons (cheers for that by the way mate!,if anyone knows how to keep a merlin immaculate its Rob) hope this helped without making me sound like an idiot!

will beg...


Posted: 22/06/2006 14:41:56
By: Tom
Out of interest what would the charter fee be for a week at Salcombe?

As fas as I can see to rent a beaten up hire dinghy at holiday locations cost between £40 and £80 per day, so a state of the art 3 time the cost Merlin would be £100 plus per day -> I guess about £1000 for the week.
Another way would be to offer to buy some one a new set of sails and leave them with the boat at the end of the week. But that would be more than £1000.

You could just buy a boat and sell it later. That is in effect what Richard Bates has done with the Matrix, and what we did with the Pink Boat.

Posted: 22/06/2006 15:12:36
By: Alan F
Now then Alan - I'm not sure you're helping fight the cause here! 

Lets not forget Tom and Joe have helped people out at the champs before by lending their boats...

Those Salcombe chub chubs are incomparable - they're having a laugh - but not being very funny in the process.

Posted: 22/06/2006 15:19:49
By: Money Bags
Don't know what the state of the 2 boat families is...  Will Rainey or Mike Fitzpatrick.  Richard W isn't going as far as I can tell.  There must be someone out there!

Posted: 22/06/2006 15:20:16
By: deepy
cheers guys

my bro (3566) chartered his boat out for the champs last year and was given a new kite, "apparantly" the going rate for a weeks charter, suppose the kite being the sail that could get ragged a little
more than others in 6 races at salcombe.

realise lending someone you dont know a merlin is like lending a newley polished jaguar or wife(love of your life) to a chav but we promise to take care of it! love merlins and salcombe week

will keep trying

Posted: 22/06/2006 15:39:11
By: Tom
Give Mr Winder a call, they may be able to help out 01535 604980

Posted: 22/06/2006 15:40:02
By: Alex
I did offer the Pink boat for free, but was turned down.

Posted: 22/06/2006 19:26:54
By: Alan F
What about one of the Parkstone crew?  Lots of nice shiny boats down there now, and I don't think too many of them are doing Salcombe, although I haven't checked the entry list recently...

Posted: 22/06/2006 20:00:05
By: deepy
Buy, sail, sell 

sounds OK.
3569 on the for sale list

Posted: 22/06/2006 22:33:28
By: Zulu
thanks alot for you help guys

will chase up the leads!

Posted: 23/06/2006 11:34:03
By: Tom


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