Topic : Crew Required for Lyme Regis & Weymouth

For technical reasons beyond my control Natt is unable to steer my new Winder around the course at Lyme & Weymouth in a few weeks time.

Consequently, I need a crew, and despite the truth that Shane Deppe (a.k.a Johny) and I got knocked out of the team racing at BEW by a couple of young girls, I would like to add in my defence that it was in toppers.

Mind you, it is true that I spend so much time at the front of the boat, some time when I get in to helm I am wondering why the boat is going in slightly strange directions, until I realise I need to hold that stick thing.

Never the less a good time will be had and the opportunity to explore a nearly new one string wonder is on offer. Free accomodation near Lyme Regis is also on offer, if you don't mind slumming it on the living room floor in a sleeping bag.

Posted: 08/06/2006 20:35:38
By: Alan F


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