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I see in the boats for sale Enchantment is for sale at what appears to be a snip at £500 albeit in need of some TLC. I believe this was designed by Hugh Welbourne & built by Winders, does anyone know much about her history or performance? or current condition?  thanks Barry.

Posted: 23/05/2006 23:02:38
By: Barry Watkin
There was an article in Y&Y about the design at the time of launching.  IIRC the boat was designed for Bourne End/Cookham but very obviously failed to set the Merlin world alight and no more have ever been built.  If built by Winder it will at least have been put together properly unlike some one-offs, but if you are after a competitive boat you should look elsewhere.

Unless anyone can correct me?

Posted: 24/05/2006 12:18:45
By: Andrew M
3386 Enchantment was first owned in 1986 by Chris Rathbone at Upper Thames.
She may have been the only boat to be built to that design.
According to the 1993 YB she went to Wembley and was owned by R Waller.
By 1994 she was owned by P Martin of the same club.
The 1998, 99, 2000 and 2001 YBs shows the owner as Andrew Georgi of Fishers Green S.C. with the same owner in 2002 but at Milton Keynes.
There appears to be no record of the boat after 2004 by which time she was at Haversham SC.
Hope this helps. I have Mr Georgi's 2004 address and phone no. if you want to try it.

Posted: 24/05/2006 12:39:31
By: Tony Lane
As the initial owner, I've already  emailed Barry with a potted history. However, for the sake of anyone interested ,here's the lowdown.
I asked Hugh Welbourne to design a boat that would be good in big seas and breeze and he came up with Enchantment. The boat had quite a low freeboard but surprisingly went through waves very well-it just wasn't very fast on the reach!In a good breeze at Whitstable we were second round the windward mark and then benefited from the leading boat heading for the wrong mark! We felt that we were going fast but all the Morrison boats blew us away dowhill. We dropped the stern which improved the down wind performance and in one of the Tideway races of that time, we finished on aggregate 5th or 6th after going down to the Tower and back.
Enchantment is a well mannered boat and much more stable than other designs of the period. The plan was to drop the stern a bit further but then we had a phone call from Laurie Smart one evening,saying he was back from his travels and did we want a new we did-that was Deep Thought but at least two boats were built to that design and very quick it was too!

Posted: 24/05/2006 13:12:52
By: Chris Rathbone
Thanks Chris I sailed with Hughy in 79&80 so was just showing a passing interest, Thanks again regards Barry.

Posted: 24/05/2006 21:07:38
By: Barry Watkin
Deep Thought still is a quick a boat and now has a new Carbon Rig too!! Just been to Kevin for a pretty-up over the winter and has all bits!

Anyone interested in buying her she is for sale, due to the purchase of Ministry of Pleasure.

Call Jeremy 07957593148 or e-mail me

For more visit the Cookham Website

Posted: 24/05/2006 21:30:04
By: Jeremy3550
I also remember Enchantment in my dads garage when she was new having her first coat of paint!! I was quite young at the time and remember looking at her in astonishment thinking will i ever have a boat like that?!

Posted: 24/05/2006 21:31:52
By: Jeremy3550


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