Topic : Not that I bought it!!

Has the idea of a reprint of thew MR book died again?  Ebay still doing a good trade!

Posted: 15/05/2006 15:53:47
By: Garry R
As a book owner, I think I should protect my interests by saying no!  However I reckon an up to date version with an abbreviation of the old book for the first couple of chapters would be great.  Offering to help!

Posted: 15/05/2006 16:38:30
By: deepy
I did enquire about a short print run, and its not impractical...

Posted: 15/05/2006 17:17:37
By: Mags
This on ebay - is it a Merlin?

Posted: 17/05/2006 13:24:36
By: Garry R
I can see now she is Airy Fairy 1643 Proctor IX built Bob Hoare - what a shame once a pride and joy.

Posted: 17/05/2006 13:28:00
By: Garry R
its a sad tale from the seller - "my wife would kill me if i brought it back home"

Posted: 17/05/2006 15:20:30
By: Mags
I agree - he obviously brought the wrong "lady" home first!!

Posted: 17/05/2006 15:38:35
By: Garry R


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