Topic : Shoreham Open 3rd - 4th June

Hi All

Maurice and I are busy organising the Shoreham open at the moment. I can confirm that we are planning to run a standard course this year as no Fireballs sharing the meeting. If people really want to have a trapezoid course used the last 2 years can you let me know and will discuss with Alan Chaplin.

From feedback the takeaway curry we had last year went down a treat. Thinking of planning same again this year, 4-5 options plus veggie. Any objections please let me know asap.

Hoping for a big turnout this year as just so happens to coincide with my birthday.

See you all at Chichester next Saturday. Note welcome to sail Shoreham on Sunday!

Cheers, Ross

Posted: 05/05/2006 16:38:12
By: Ross
Is this a '2 days to count' event? In the unlikely event that someone wants a crew for only one day, please drop me a mail.

Posted: 05/05/2006 17:21:03
By: Mags
I really want to come and do Shoreham this year as it looks like fun and i have not been before. Unfortunatly i cannot make the Saturday. If i come down on Sunday will my result still count for the Silver tiller (even with a piss poor result!)?

Posted: 06/05/2006 09:17:32
By: Jeremy3550
It is both days to count, 3 form 4 as all years. If only do one day though you still get points for ST, even if down the pan.

Posted: 08/05/2006 10:32:44
By: Ross
You'll be paying the full fee, so its fair enough!

Posted: 08/05/2006 12:45:29
By: Mags
How much will that be?

Posted: 08/05/2006 13:07:51
By: Jeremy3550
Not sure yet, though normally 2 day opens are between £20-25. If just racing 1 day, I'll suggest reduction of fee to the committee.

I've had no objections to curry so will pencil in booking with the curry house.

Posted: 08/05/2006 13:43:01
By: Ross


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